Personal Narrative: A Career In An Adolescent's Life

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A famous French playwright by the name of Molière once said “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it”. This is the perfect quote to summarize the average adolescent’s life. When it comes to being a teenager; most adults forget they once went through the same stages of life before. It’s not easy balancing all the struggles of finding your passions, juggling school, and dealing with family drama! One big struggle of growing up, and finding myself is work. For instance; I’m a sales associate at Build a Bear Workshop. When working with children it’s hard to maintain my sanity sometimes. I have to put their emotions first, and simplify the process so they can understand. Having to say the same process over again can get old quickly! So in order for me to …show more content…
That’s easier said than done; trust me. Especially in college it’s a totally different crowd then in high school. I thought studying in high school was bad its worse in college! I have to rely on my own time, and not expect the teachers to hand me everything. When it comes to taking notes now it’s my job to pay attention; not sit around waiting for the answers to show up. I have to write key points for quizzes or test coming up, and check my email for new information constantly! The thing about college I don’t enjoy is constantly relying on technology. Classes only take up a time frame from fifty-five minutes to three hours. Which means you have to spend about double the time in class to study outside of class. So in order for me to pass my anatomy class; I have to spend about 9 hours studying during the week. This doesn’t include all my other class work, and time I have for everything else. I try to get everything done early that way the stress is gone; however, that doesn’t always happen. All in all it takes me roughly 3 to 4 hours on homework every night to stay on top of everything. If I don’t make time for school I am wasting my

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