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  • Graham Hill Analysis

    according to the Census Bureau and is only expected to grow. However, with all of this free space, one could shelter all the materials they do not actually use or just keep for the sentimental feeling brought upon by hedonistic materialism. Maybe store new five $100 dresses in an old dusty closet or maybe store away a never-used stainless steel barbecue grill in the three door garage. While materialism is not inherently bad, there are ways of being efficient while being modern to avoid the situations aforementioned. These concepts are exquisitely explored in both Jessi Arrington’s “Wearing Nothing New” and Graham Hill “Less Stuff, More Happiness.” Although, designer Jessi Arrington has a rather extrinsic narrative and clear message, writer Graham Hill is effectively more relevant providing dynamic examples, an appeal to emotions, and a superior transparent message.…

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  • Black Hills Gold Rush

    This investigation examines the historical question of “to what extent did the Black Hills Gold Rush of 1874 lead to the Great Sioux War of 1876?”. The key sources chosen to support this investigation are a book of compiled historical information from the United States Department of the Interior and an interview of a Native American woman that lived through both the Black Hills Gold Rush and the Great Sioux War. These are relevant because one has access to an extensive database of government…

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  • Analysis Of Anita Hill And The Sperm By Clarence Thomas

    Sitting Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, spiked political and social debates during his confirmation hearings in the 1990s. Justice Thomas is a conservative judge appointed by former President George H.W. Bush. (Anita Hill vs. Clarence Thomas: The Backstory) Prior to his judicial appointment, Clarence Thomas was the head of U.S. Department of Education 's Office of Civil Rights in Washington and the Equal Employment Opportunities Committee, where Anita Hill worked as his subordinate.…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Simple Life At Virtue Hill

    The Simple Life at Virtue Hill One of the most beautiful places to visit is the Virtue Hill in Vietnam. I grew up there, and I return year after year to seek the solitude. Virtue Hill is the name of a boarding school and means “God Place.” One of the most picturesque sites is looking up the hill from the village road. The view is spectacular with the school at the top, and the green, fertile farmland below. When I was a fourth grader, my father as a soldier was often deployed far away from home.…

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  • What Does The Hills Have Mind

    The Hills Have Eyes was Wes Craven's second directorial film after The Last House on the Left (I'm not counting his stint as Abe Snake directing The Fireworks Woman). Much like The Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes has a gritty, low budget, violent look, having been shot on 16mm film. Given the budget of approximately $230,000, Wes Craven was able to craft a violent, sometimes humorous horror film that to this day is still quite popular among the horror crowd. The film has gone on to…

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  • Waverly Hills Sanitarium Case

    Waverly Hills was proposed in 1906 by the Kentucky legislature as an aid to staunching the epidemic of tuberculosis known as the White Plague. By 1910, the hospital was fully operational, with a capacity of 40 people. The hospital, though minimal at first, was provided further funding, allowing for the hospital to expand to a capacity of more than 400 patients. Waverly Hills became a strangely isolated community. It even had its own postal code! Patients and staff alike were made to say their…

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  • Doo Wop Laurryn Hill Analysis

    often negating that they are individuals with personalities, and emotions. Lauryn Hill highlights the visibility of women’s sexuality to demonstrate the way that image often undermines worth. Lauryn Hill demonstrates how women often intentionally present themselves in a sexual way when she expresses, “Showing off your ass cause you’re thinking it’s a trend / Girlfriend, let me break it down for you again / You know I only say it cause…

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  • Analysis Of The Haunting Of Hill House

    “Home” Throughout many stories, ideas about what makes a home and family are communicated to audiences because of the direct relatability to everyone, no matter what their background. Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson, is a novel about a group of people who are called to a supposedly haunted house to partake in a study of its paranormal activity. Eleanor Vance, the protagonist, is exceptionally susceptible to the haunting and feels oddly drawn to the house, with her life ultimately…

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  • Soufriere Hills Volcano Analysis

    Introduction In this paper the Soufriere Hills Volcano will be analyzes in several different parts; an introduction to the Soufriere Hills volcano, the composition of the magma and lava in the volcano, other characteristics of the magma and lava, ash production from eruptions, pyroclastic flows, volcanic activity before the 1995 eruption, the 1995 eruption, cyclic activity within the volcano, and potential hazards of the Soufriere Hills volcano. Soufriere Hills volcano is located in the…

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  • Antigone And Julia Butterfly Hill Analysis

    respect to her fallen brother: “Go to what you please. I go to bury him. How beautiful to die in such pursuit!” (Roche 194). Antigone’s civil disobedience is just one example of the many committed and just like Antigone, Julia Butterfly Hill also stood up for what she believed in. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, civil disobedience is “the refusal to comply with certain laws or to pay taxes and fines, as a peaceful form of political protest.” Antigone and Julia Butterfly Hill both…

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