Ghost hunting

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  • Ghost Are Real Essay

    How can anyone really know if ghosts are real or not? Is there actually evidence to really tell because who knows if anyone has truly seen one? There are people out there that go and search for ghost and they have only heard noises, seen shadows, different pieces of light, and most importantly different energy waves that match up with what they are looking for. They have studied ghost activity and if they are real for years and there has been hard evidence but does anyone know for sure. “Ghosts are the energy of a person’s soul and can be either good or bad. Spirit is a generic term to describe any entity that was never human like angels, demons, elementals or other gods” (Paranormalistics). Although a human ghost is the soul of…

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  • Paranormal Television: A Genre Of Reality TV

    supernatural occurrences have always been common. When TV became more and more popular stations needed to find way of differentiating themselves. Starting in the 1960’s TV stations began to feature ghost stories. This would eventually transform and develop into the programing that we have today. In 1976 the first truly popular show revolving around the paranormal came onto air; In Search of… hosted by Leonard Nimoy ultimately ran for six years. In Search Of... explored…

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  • Billy Loman Character Analysis

    Billy Colman, now a grown man, reflects back on the year he got his dogs and the events that happened afterwards. Billy, a ten-year old boy from the Ozarks, has an unyielding desire to have two hunting hounds of his own. He repeatedly asks his parents for the dogs, but considering their financial situation, they have to tell Billy no. Hunting hounds are too expensive and Papa has a farm to take care of, as well as Mama, Billy, and Billy's three sisters. One day while out in the woods,…

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  • Black Panther Characteristics

    BLACK PANTHER, THE GHOST OF THE FOREST Chapter 1: Introduction The black panther is one of the most powerful and smartest animals in the world. It is an aggressive, fearless and strong animal. A black panther is not a member of a specific species but it is a name for some big cats with black coat or fur. It is actually called a black jaguar (Panthera onca) in Central and South America or a black leopard (Panthera pardus) in Asia and Africa. Chapter 2: Black Panther’s Appearance The size…

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  • Essay On Why Are Ghosts Real

    Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Ghosts Are Real." N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Jan. 2015. <>. 1). John Ferrier, a physician, wrote "An Essay Towards A Theory of Apparitions" in which he states that any ghost sightings are just optical illusions. 2). Scientists can 't seem to make up their minds because it is difficult to prove the non-existence. 3). Many investigators stick to their…

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  • Where The Red Fern Grows Analysis

    That night, when Billy was trying to tree the ghost coon, Rubin’s death would not have happened if it were not for Billy. In the written version of the story, Rubin tripped on a stick. Billy’s intervention was indirect. The movie had no such mention. Instead, Billy pulled Rubin’s leg and tripped him so he would not kill the dogs. Of course, he did not do it on purpose as he did not know the ax was there. However, this still led to Billy having more blame in the movie than in the book. Another…

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  • Theoretical Structure Of Travelers Perceptions Of Paranormal Tourism

    1. Introduction 1.1. Definition of paranormal tourism Paranormal tourism is apart of a dark tourism, which falls under the category of alternative tourism; paranormal tourists are individuals who travel with an interest or belief in the supernatural phenomena and inexplicable events (Haynes, 2016, p.1). These eccentric individuals travel to places that claim to have this unusual occurrences happening within. Dark tourists are travellers who visit sights associated with death and suffering…

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  • Haunted Courthouses By John G Browning

    Courthouse in Elizabethtown claim sightings of a ghostly figure that is said to be the spirit of Hannah Orton Caldwell. Caldwell, a minister’s wife, was killed by British soldiers during the Revolutionary War. Her ghost supposedly roams the grounds of a nearly cemetery as well as the corridors of the courthouse. The sightings have been so persistent that the SciFi Channel TV Show “Ghost Hunters” even devoted an episode to it. And at the Gloucester County Courthouse in south Jersey,…

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  • Paranormal Criminals: Are Ghosts Real Or Real?

    Every child grew up hearing cliche ghost stories, but there’s more to the tales. Ghosts aren’t necessarily silly, fearful beings said to be conjured up. Spiritual energy is very much a real thing and exists in the world today. Incorporeal figures, commonly known as ghosts, consist of residual energy from life that has passed away. The belief of ghosts is almost always seen as an opinion depending on the person. The debate on whether they are real or unreal is extremely common; however, without…

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  • Waverly Hills Sanitarium Case

    are no theories on her motivation to do so. Some even allege she was pushed. Nurses aren’t the only ones who supposedly died here. There have been rumors about vagrants being murdered by gangs here, and even satanic rituals taking place. It’s really no wonder that this building has the reputation it has. Room 502 isn’t the only location that has a reputation. During the years of the building being Waverly Hills Sanitarium, people died almost daily. But in order to keep patient morale high,…

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