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  • Charlie Chaplin Informative Speech

    Charlie Chaplin once said, “To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it.” Charlie Chaplin was the best comedian actor performing in the 20th century. He had everyone on the edge of their seats laughing through their tears, the mark of a true comedic actor. He knew how to play with his audience and make them laugh at everything, which is a rare trait that not everyone possess. Now since he has passed, Bill Murray has kept up his work by making people laugh at everything he does. Charlie Chaplin was one of the best comic actors and directors of the 20th century; however, since he passed away , the torch has been passed to Bill Murray, who possesses a similar comedic style. Charles Spencer Chaplin, or better…

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  • Charlie Chaplin Research Paper

    Charlie Chaplin is the most well-known name in the history of silent film. He gave much comic relief to audiences during the Great Depression. His movies made people laugh like they could not in their stressful, everyday lives. The humor that Chaplin used to make people enjoy life came from the painful experiences he had growing up. His childhood had a large impact on how he saw the world and resulted in how he showed the world that view. Chaplin’s childhood came with much heartbreak, but out of…

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  • Summary Of The Movie 'The Tramp' By Charlie Chaplin

    the 1920’s? Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin changed the way films were produced and how they were seen. Compare what technology is today to what it used to be. Imagine watching a black and white movie with no talking nor outside sounds. Watching a movie today at the movie theater you can almost feel the vibration from how loud it is. Chaplin was able to produce and star in silent films and he still was able to get his point across. Today when people watch a movie, there are multiple colors and sounds.…

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  • Charlie Chaplin: A Roaring 20's Hero

    Shanice Homeward Mrs.Cariddi January 6, 2016 Charlie Chaplin: A Roaring 20’s Hero Charlie Chaplin was a comic actor, director, producer and writer in silent films. He was born on April 16, 1889 in London, England. He was most recognized for his iconic character “The Tramp” who and sported a bowler hat, a toothbrush mustache, a cane and oversized pants. He was a regarded as a hero in the 20’s and the most “influential and important people in the history of the film industry. At the time, Charlie…

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  • Why Is Charlie Chaplin A Good Role Model

    Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin was the most recognizable person on the planet and It 's no exaggeration that for the greatest part of this century Chaplin did everything in show business; he was an actor, director, screenwriter, producer and composer. He was the ideal rags to riches role model that every American had dreamed of becoming. Chaplin revolutionized American show business and inspired Americans to follow their dreams because he was proof that even underdogs could make it to the…

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  • How Did Charlie Chaplin Influence Modern Dance

    our famous comedians and performers obtained their inspiration to amaze us with their performances. With this on mind, we can travel back in time to analyze the roots of pure comedy and performance. As a matter of fact, what better comedy icon that Charlie Chaplin to help us have a look into what inspired our current comedy actors, performers and directors like Rowan Atkinson, Johnny Depp and Mr. Dan Kamin. Charlie Chaplin not only was a comedy idol, he also dominated many artistic (Kamin, The…

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  • Differences Of Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, And Charlie Chaplin

    great silent film directors, the three that are commonly mentioned surrounding that discussion are Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, and Charlie Chaplin. Having seen a greater amount of Charlie Chaplin’s wonderful work than the others, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd most certainly still got my consideration. In spite of every one of the three delivering awesome pieces of visual artwork, they shared some comparable attributes, but they each had unique differences which contributed to their each…

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  • The Great Dictator Analysis

    Charlie Chaplin is most well-known for his character The Tramp, as well as writing, directing, and starring in his own films. Just as Hollywood was moving into “talkies” or films with sound, Chaplin was still going against the grain. He remained one of the last silent film stars until the release of the political satire comedy-drama The Great Dictator in 1940. Besides his singing part in Modern Times, this was the first time audiences heard Chaplin’s true voice. The Great Dictator tells the…

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  • Analysis Of Charlie Chaplin's City Lights

    By now we are familiar with Charlie Chaplin’s silent films and his talents; not only as a pantomime actor but also as a writer and director. Certainty, his 1931 silent film “City Lights” is a proof of his talent as an actor, writer, chorographer and director (Kamin) . The film gave Chaplin the opportunity to display his creative talents within the silent film industry. Although, Chaplin’s talents are numerous we are going to concentrate on his acting performance in the “City Lights” film. In…

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  • The American Dream In A Midsummer Night's Dream

    Puck as Charlie Chaplin. In Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices, by Stuart Hall, Hall explains that when a person sees an object, they can connect meaning to that object. They see the object, connect it to a concept in their mind, and find meaning in that concept, rather than the object itself (Hall 16). He later explains that people can communicate through shared language, in which a group of people agree that a given object (signifier), has a given meaning…

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