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  • The Farmer's Bride Theme

    Throughout relationship poetry, many feelings and attitudes are expressed through themes such as love and family. These feelings and attitudes bring to light the good and bad character aspects in the persons portrayed in the poems. In Christina Rossetti 's "Sister Maude", the relationship between two sisters is explained. In the poem, Rossetti creates a tense relationship between the siblings with the narrator addressing her sister directly through the poem. Throughout the poem, Rossetti highlights the positive and negative aspects of people through the idea of sisterhood and the concept of betrayal. In Charlotte Mew 's "The Farmer 's Bride", evaluates a marital relationship between a newly married farmer and his bride. The poem expresses the…

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  • Pokemon Research Paper

    A bit of Pokemon history to begin, Pokemon has been around for twenty years. Pokemon was created by Satoshi Tajiri and developed and released by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures or better known as a trio joint company Pokemon Company or Pokemon Company International. Which was not official until 1998. The first sets of games were released in Japan on February 27, 1996, under the name Pocket Monsters Red and Green for the Nintendo Game Boy. While it has been here in the United States under…

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  • TASS Program Observation Report

    I want to attend TASS, firstly, due to the enriching and essential information about Black studies that the program provides, but also because of the life-experiences that such a program provides. This summer camp would provide me the opportunity to venture to another state like New York or Chicago (places that I have never been) and learn more about the world and myself. Additionally, since the program brings in students from across the nation, it is also an experience to meet new people and…

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  • Reflective Essay On Academic Probation

    In the beginning of this semester, I remember what a nervous wreck I was and how much pressure was put on me. Attending my second semester at UNC Charlotte on academic probation was not my first intention whenever I moved to the city of Charlotte and made the new commitment of attending a four year university. Whenever I was told that I needed to attend a class two times a week so I wouldn’t be kicked out of school, I felt nothing but shame and frustration. I was certain whenever I mentioned to…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Charlotte City

    Location- Charlotte, North Carolina Description of Area- The Charlotte Metropolitan area ranks 22nd largest in the US. Charlotte, North Carolina 's largest city and the seat of Mecklenburg County, is located in the southern part of the state near the South Carolina border. Charlotte is also home of the NFL Carolina Panthers, and the NBA Charlotte Hornets which play at the Bank of America Stadium and the Time Warner Cable Arena. Along with hundreds of restaurants and attraction throughout the…

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  • Describe The Relationship Between Georgiaa And Elizaia In Jane Eyre

    The gothic novel, Jane Eyre, focuses on the life of a young, orphaned girl, who learns to balance her precarious station in 19th century England- a society whose culture is dictated by rigid social castes and protocols. She grows up in household of her Aunt, Mrs Reed, after the death of her parents, where she experiences neglect and estrangement until she moves to a charity school at the age of ten. The novel briefly narrates the story of her cousins, Georgiana and Eliza Reed, through brief…

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  • The Children's Hour Film Analysis

    In the film The Children's Hour by Lillian Hellman, two women, Martha and Karen, run an all girls boarding school. One of the girls, Mary Tilford, becomes upset when she is punished for disobeying the rules and decides that she does not want to return to school. She recalls one of her classmates, Rosalie, telling her that Martha’s Aunt, Lily Mortar, had said that Martha’s actions towards Karen were “unnatural”. To avoid returning to school, Mary uses this information and forms a lie that she…

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  • The Breadwinner Character Analysis

    The 2 books “Counting by 7s” by Holly Goldberg Sloan and “The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis are similar. The main characters are both girls, around the same age, and have to overcome challenges. The 2 main characters of these novels; Willow and Parvana, have some similarities and differences. A similarity is how they are both resilient. Some differences they have are, Parvana is brave with her challenges and Willow is cowardly, and how Willow had help with her challenges and Parvana did not have…

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  • The Struggle For Freedom In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

    Independence is a state of solitude, self-determination, and freedom that everyone will crave at least once in their lifetime. During the 1840 's, feminism was beginning to spread, yet it was still a struggle for women to obtain independence, especially for those who truly wanted it. Charlotte Bronte 's romantic fiction novel, Jane Eyre, is named after the main character who encounters the same conflict as the majority of the women in her time period along with experiencing love. For some…

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  • Feminism In Charlotte Bronte's The Professor

    Charlotte Bronte illustrates the hardships that women faced in the mid-19th century in England and worldwide in her first novel, The Professor. The novel is about an Englishman that seeks a new career as a teacher in Belgium. The effeminized Englishman, William Crimsworth, finds his wife in Belgium, but surprisingly, his wife Frances requests equal standards and rights. Although Bronte addresses topics such as nationality and religion, The Professor is known to be one of the first works of…

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