Reflective Essay On Academic Probation

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In the beginning of this semester, I remember what a nervous wreck I was and how much pressure was put on me. Attending my second semester at UNC Charlotte on academic probation was not my first intention whenever I moved to the city of Charlotte and made the new commitment of attending a four year university. Whenever I was told that I needed to attend a class two times a week so I wouldn’t be kicked out of school, I felt nothing but shame and frustration. I was certain whenever I mentioned to my parents and my girlfriend that I was on academic probation, they would be ashamed of me. I was wrong. They have supported me every step of the way and made sure I did everything I needed this semester. As I walked through the doors the first day of my UCOL class that I had to attend to, I was certain that everyone that was in there was in the same boat as I was and understood the …show more content…
This is a tie because I have think that I absorbed an equal amount of educational and personal experience in these lessons. I remember when I used to cram hours before my test and now I could never think of doing it again. Meeting with my professor was not a lesson that impacted me the most, but also my favorite assignment. At first I thought this assignment was going to kill me, so I decided to do this assignment as quickly as possible. E I was in highschool, I was told how horrible professors were and how mean they could be. I believe I had this thought process because while I was in highschool, I was told how horrible professors could be and how mean they are. After I had met my professor, I realized that professors are humans as well and they went through the same process as we are now. They want to see their students succeed as much as their students. This assignment has made me want to meet my professors more and I plan to do so for the rest of my academic

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