Correctional Education And Recidivism Essay

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The Effects of Correctional Education and Recidivism
“Education Reduces Crime, Three-State Recidivism Study”

As the costs of incarcerating offenders progressively increases and overtaxes the prison system and taxpayers as well, it is time to reconsider correctional education as an alternative method in dealing with prisoner recidivism. Today the solution to an overcrowded prison system is to build more correctional facilities, although that resolution does not address the primary problem of recidivism. In the past, there has never been any study done extensively, which describes the impact of correctional education provided to offenders. A study that was extensively done, the Three State Recidivism Study, observed the effects of correctional education, offered to offenders. The results indicated that participants who partook in correctional education had a lower rate of recidivism and earned a higher earned income rate after release. These two key findings proved moreover, that correctional education not only to be financially beneficial, but also had a positive effect on society.
However, before we delve into the study and its outcome, it is imperative to point out the consequences of recidivism within the criminal justice system. James Gilligan’s contributor to The New York Times
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“…the study was to compare correctional education participants and non-participants in three states Maryland, Minnesota, and Ohio on a number of key socio-demographic and outcome variables. Specifically, the study was designed to assess the impact of correctional education on recidivism and post-release employment.” (Smith 9). The study followed 3,000 subjects over three years. The findings yielded the following data below (Steurer

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