Characteristics Of Federal Probation Officer

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Federal probation officers help offenders reenter society by directing them towards helpful resources and supervising them in the community. They pursue education in areas such as psychology and criminal justice and find it rewarding to keeping the public safe while helping offenders reform. The officers use scientific methods, experience and training to predict risks and to identify ways to reduce recidivism. The need for these professionals is increasing as American legislators look for more efficient crime management methods.

A Snapshot of Federal Probation Work

Federal probation officers work for the Federal Probation Service and manage offenders convicted by the US District Courts. [1] Sometimes, the courts call on the officers to testify
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Skills and Characteristics of Federal Probation Job Candidates

The Federal Probation Service requires probation officers to meet several job requirements. The officers must pass written and physical tests before working for the agency. Probation officers must stay fit to meet the job’s physical demands. Probation officers must sometimes deal with highly stressful situations where other individuals exhibit aggressive or violent behavior. Therefore, the agency does not consider candidates with mental or emotional conditions. They must also have no criminal history and the ability to obtain a handgun license.

The Federal Probation Service accepts job candidates 37 years old and younger with a valid driver’s license. Probation officers must have the ability to use computers efficiently to complete reports requirements. The officers must also possess extensive knowledge concerning federal and corrections laws.

Probation officer hopefuls pursue education in counseling, psychology or criminal justice. Individuals with master’s degrees are eligible for supervisory positions within the agency. Upon hiring, probation officers must attend a mandatory training issued by the US Department of Corrections and pass a certification

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