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  • Charter Schools Case Study

    the number of charter schools should be canceled and postponed. Current evidence does not adequately prove the success or failure of charter schools. We need to investigate more on the minimum requirement for a charter school to succeed in meeting its expectations and make sure that those conditions will be available by the time the charter “cap” is removed again. The expected impact of charter schools including on student achievement. Charter schools have been positively received by most of the educational and political stakeholders thanks to its innovative approach to the traditional educational system. “Supporters tout charter schools as emblems of much-needed market incentives in…

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  • Charter Schools Advantages

    Within charter schools there is a plethora of reasons why parents rather send there children to charter schools than public schools. Parents believe there children will get a better education in being in a charter school because they have more money, so their will be high tech resources the students can learn from. On the other hand, as for public school they are not very wealthy and might not provide higher tech equipment for the students to learn from. Furthermore, in Philadelphia there are…

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  • Analysis Of The Competitiveness Of Charter Schools In Philadelphia

    In the article, it tells how there are many schools closing, combining or relocating within the next few years in Philadelphia. Reasons why these schools may be closing are the lack of funding, overcrowding, lack of resources, increased competitiveness in charter schools and students being forgotten. Philadelphia is known as having one of the worst school districts in the country. A good portion of this statistic is due to funding. Funding is something that is at the base of all problems and…

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  • Charter Schools

    what a school should be and what teachers should be teaching has become a popular topic in today’s media. After Katrina devastated the New Orleans area, along with rebuilding communities and businesses, the schools also needed to be renovated. The New Orleans Recovery School District (RSD) is now home to 100 percent charter schools. How do these new charter schools compare to the public schools that were in place before Katrina? I am very interested to know how much the charter schools have…

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  • Differences Between Charter And Public Schools

    Charters are independent to choose their own methods of teaching thus boosting performance. Due to this most if not all provide a specialized curriculum. Such benefits are not available to public schools. As stated by Eskenazi, Stuart (July 22, 1999) their curriculum is set by the government and is to be followed strictly (pg. 2). Performance is valued in both charter and public but emphasized more in the former. Lack of good performances keeps the community away from hence enrolment numbers…

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  • Disadvantages Of Charter Schools

    Charter schools’ rise in popularity in the New Orleans’ school district came after Hurricane Katrina’s destruction in 2005. Hope for charter schools stemmed from the failed public education system beforehand. Hurricane Katrina offered a complete fresh slate for educators and students alike, at least so they thought. With inside lenses from Sarah Carr’s Hope Against Hope: Three Schools, One City, and the Struggle to Educate America 's Children, she reveals what was underneath these data-driven…

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  • Tenure: Public Schools Versus Charter Schools

    When the entirety of charter schools is compared to the entirety of traditional public schools, teachers of charter schools are actually less educated, experienced and content with their careers. According to researchers at Public Agenda, during the 2011-2012 school year: 48 percent of traditional public school teachers had master 's degrees, whereas 37 percent of charter school teachers had master 's degrees. On average, charter school teachers had nine years of teaching experience, whereas…

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  • Public Schools Vs Charter Schools

    public school system (Lessons in Education).…

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  • Charter Schools: Nontraditional Public Schools

    Charter schools are becoming a greater debate as they continue to grow all over America. Charter schools are a nontraditional public schools that are funded with public money and have been freed from district regulations and some state laws in exchange for greater accountability to achieve performance results set forth in the charter (Spellings 1). Charter schools are just like any other school but just with a different name. Charter schools are a waste of money and are not helping better…

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  • The Importance Of Charter Schools

    Coming back to New Orleans was a hard decision to face. After Hurricane Katrina, parents had such a headache dealing with recovering and rebuilding. Another headache parents dealt with was deciding on which schools to send their kids to. The choices parents had was charter schools or public schools. For parents making sure that their children attend to a good school was one of the most important decision to make. A school that their child can thrive, fits into the environment comfortably, and…

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