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  • Pentadic Analysis Example

    five pentadic elements of an analysis of the artifact. Second, I will weigh the five elements against one another and identify the relationships to one another, or ratios, that are essential to the rhetorical motives. Finally, I will distinguish the dominant element that will provide insight on the central and most influential intention of the Checkers speech Act Act is the first step of the Pentad that Burke developed. The act is what happened and why is it becoming a conflict. It is the main reason why there is a conflict in the first place. In application of the first level of the dramatism theory, the act component is the speech itself, with the goal of restoring America’s…

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  • The Checkers Speech By Richard Nixon's Speech

    Cole DeLatte Aimee Barrios English 101 11-14-2017 “Checkers” The “Checkers Speech” or “Fund Speech” was an address to the public made on September 23, 1952, by Richard Nixon, the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States. Nixon had been accused to of using money from a fund established by his campaign funders to reimburse him for his political expenses. It was a half hour speech televised from Los Angeles with the purpose of persuading the public into supporting him, attack…

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  • The Rhetorical Analysis Of Richard Nixon's Checkers Speech

    Richard Nixon’s Checkers Speech On September 23, 1952 Richard Nixon, a candidate for vice president, gave his famous “Checkers speech” to persuade the American people and potential voters that he was an innocent family man who would never take bribes. The American populace thought he had received over 18,000 dollars worth of bribes, and for him to save his and Eisenhower’s chances of winning the election he gave a speech with an innocent family man appeal that then shifted to an accusatory…

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  • The Pentadic Analysis Of Richard Nixon's Checkers Speech

    Burke’s Pentadic Analysis of Richard Nixon’s “Checkers Speech” Introduction In 1952, Vice Presidential candidate Richard Nixon made a speech on television to address the accusations of using campaign funds for use personal uses. Nixon addressed the issue in what has famously become known as the “Checkers Speech”. The half-hour speech was the first American political speech to be televised live for a national audience of around 60 million people (Byron). A 1999 poll of communication scholars…

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  • Why Is Writing So Important?

    Forget the image of the lone developer, sitting alone in a room coding on a Matrix-like black and green screen. No matter the code produced, developers need to be not only good oral communicators, they must also be able to write well. But we all struggle to use the language correctly and in a business where teams have developers with different native languages (my first language is Portuguese) we all need some help. In this post, I 'll provide an overview of some techniques and tools that…

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  • Fact Checking

    I want to preface my discussion with firstly expressing gratitude for being one of several news outlets that strive to keep the audience informed during the presidential race. This year has been without a doubt an exciting one for both news consumers and journalists alike. Never before have we witnessed what is arguably one of the most influential positions in the world be challenged by two individuals that are not particularly liked by many people. New York Times has not only been one of my…

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  • Technology In The Classroom Essay

    Schools have slowly started to bring technology into the classroom, at the same time teachers have made rules and regulations where the teacher restrict the use of technology in the same classrooms for the fear of it being abused. I personally have come into contact with different schools with different looks at technology and how it is used in the classrooms there. When I was at the school where they have allowed or given the students access to technology, students seemed to really like the…

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  • The Importance Of Writing As An Art

    languages. By incorporating these words we can change the whole tone of a sentence. “I long for a hug” is an Anglo-Saxon choice of words; blunt and straight forward. Whereas choosing the words “I desire your erotic embrace” instead is a Latin-based choice which has a much deeper emotional current. To truly provoke the pathos with poignant prose you have to pull at the heart of a reader with your choice of words. Knowing the origin or etymology of a word tells you which selections go well…

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  • The Use Of Language In Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech

    His use of rhetoric is enough to persuade his followers, incorporating both figures of speech and compositional techniques. By repeating “I Have a Dream” and other thematic phrases, he increases the rhetorical effect and emphasizes patterns. Figurative language highlights two important, yet distinct concepts. For example, he uses “lonely island of poverty” to describe racism and “vast ocean of material prosperity” to describe racial justice. Martin Luther King Jr.’s use of proper language…

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  • Children Of A Lesser God Analysis

    Through daily run-ins and constant interactions, he quickly becomes smitten with her. The central conflict of the plot is whether he should further push Sarah to learn to speak or if he should let her live her life the way she wants, only signing. At his new job, James has a class of about six students, all of which eventually open up to speech except two. After understanding that not all of his class understands lip reading, we begin to see James speak and sign simultaneously around the…

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