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  • Peter Dingess: A Tragic Hero

    He was born in 1931 and they lived on Lookout Mountain. He went to McCallie High School in Chattanooga and then went to Davidson College in North Carolina. While at McCallie, the Dismembered Tennesseans were born, a bluegrass band; they continued playing at Davidson College. Fletcher came back to Chattanooga and eventually took over his dad’s realty company, renaming it the Fletcher Bright Company. Fletcher married Marshall Soyars in ***** and they lived on top of Lookout Mountain next to the house that Fletcher grew up in. They had five children: George, Elizabeth “Lizzer”, Frank, Anne, and Lucy. Marshall passed away in *** due to heath complications. The Dismembered Tennesseans are still around today playing their bluegrass music. Fletcher and his son George started a free annual bluegrass festival in Chattanooga that happens the first weekend in October; 2016 will be its 10th year. Currently Fletcher is the only surviving sibling out of the…

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  • The Importance Of Water In Chattanooga

    When gardening, there are lots of tasks required to achieve the beautiful desired outcome. Research shows how water distribution is essential to plant growth. Both garden beds at the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy need water, but different amounts. In our area, because of climate change, Chattanooga has a rainfall that alternates between flooding, normal, and drought situations. One way to address this issue of the climate-change conditions, is to use a raised bed, which would be conducive…

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  • Battle Of Chattanooga Essay

    seceded from the Union, war was imminent. The war lasted 4 years and saw a see-saw struggle initially, which finally resulted in a Union victory. One of the more important battles of this war was the Battle of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The city was a vital rail hub and its capture was important as it opened the gate to the capture of the Deep South, including Atlanta. In the ultimate analysis, the Confederate defeat at Chattanooga sounded the death knell of the Southern dream. Prior to this…

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  • Chattanooga Ice Cream Essay

    “The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division” The Ice Cream Division of Chattanooga Food Corporation had indicated declining deals for five continuous years through 1996. That was the year that they lost their third biggest client, Stay, and Shop. A turn around needed to occur, however the Ice Cream Division authority was uncertain how to fulfill this. The division was controlled by Charlie Moore, grandson of the organization originator. Charlie was an exceptionally law based pioneer, however, had real…

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  • Chattanooga Fallen 5: Case Study

    my audience, Chattanoogans, to see the billboard and petition for action to be taken against ISIS affiliates, and thus, ISIS inspired attacks. Because ISIS is such an imposing force worldwide, they are causing claimed direct attacks as well inspired attacks (those not enacted by ISIS but rather those who support the group). Therefore, I chose the word “affiliates” in my text to recognize that distinction between the two. Moreover, I chose my call to action to be “petition” because it is a…

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  • Tech Goes Home Internship Analysis

    An internship is tremendously beneficial to applying the acquired classroom knowledge to the hands-on experience. During a student’s junior or senior year in undergraduate studies of criminal justice at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, one can pursue an internship within the field. The criminal justice profession contains several career options including law enforcement, corrections, forensic science, homeland security, private security, academia, and legal services. Within the…

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  • Nature Of Coleman Scouts

    En route to Chattanooga with relevant documents obtained in Nashville, Sam stopped to rest in Minor Hill right above Pulaski in Giles County. Sam Davis’s rest had been short lived, only to be discovered by Union Federals in Confederate uniform. They insisted on taking young Sam in to meet their General and to take his firearm. It was in that moment that Sam knew he had become a prisoner of war. The Federals brought Sam to Grenville Dodge who described Sam as “a fine soldierly looking young man,…

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  • Reasons Why The North Won The Civil War

    strategies. This was seen during the Battle of Chattanooga. Grant was the commander-in-chief for the North and he believed that when you attack another individual you should fight as long as possible and with skill (Jamieson & McWhiney, 1982). Grant launched his attack on the South in November. The South was led by Braggs and his army was located on the Missionary Ridge where he commanded the roads on the Chattanooga. Grant wanted to defeat the Braggs army and so he ordered his military to move…

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  • Bessie Smith Research Paper

    The blues originated from African-Americans on Southern plantations in the nineteenth century. Slaves, ex-slaves, and families of slaves were the main creators of blues music (Kopp, Bessie Smith is known as the most popular female blues singer in the 1920s. Smith was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee on the fifteenth of April of 1894. Growing up, Smith did not really have her parents in her life due to them both dying while she was young, around eight or nine years-old (Editors…

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  • Stones River National Battlefield Essay

    individual wrestled and perished have been converted into shopping areas, yards, and highways among other developments. For instance, a four-lane flyover was constructed head-to-head with the Stones River battlefield that modifies the terrain than any other thing, which has been done in one and a half centuries since the battle. In addition, Bragg chose the terrain because the cedar thickets were very thick, thereby making it difficult for the union military to move or exchange artillery.…

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