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  • U Chat Analysis

    Overview The web application that we will be developing is called U-Chat (University Chat). U-Chat is a versatile chat room web service in which the users you communicate with consist of people from the same University. U-Chat can be used by a wide number of users from Universities across the US; the primary audience for this application being college students. Secondary users would include University faculty and parents. U-Chat consists of a login page in which users can either choose to sign in, log in as a guest or sign up. Once logged on, the user is able to see the main web page housing their account picture profile under which is the primary feature--a large chat field where users may attach photos, ideas, events such as sports, extra…

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  • Cri Du Chat Syndrome Research Paper

    Cri du chat Syndrome Cri du chat syndrome is an uncommon genetic condition that is caused by missing genetic material on chromosome 5. Specifically a part on the small arm (p) of chromosome 5 is absent. The disorder occurs in 1 in 20,000 to 50,000 live births according to the US National Library of Medicine. What causes this to happen is currently unknown. Cri du chat syndrome was first described in 1963 by French geneticist Jérôme Lejeune. He noticed that several of his patients…

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  • Layout Of The Forum: Community Analysis

    Findings Layout of the Forum Discord is set up so that the creation of individual communities is possible. In order to start a community, a server is created. This is the community with the largest number of people. The server used by this community, for instance, was labeled the ‘No Chill Zone’, as a satyrical reference to a pop phrase used on the internet (“_____ has no chill.”). Within the server, there are text channels. These include pictures, text, and video. Voice channels are…

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  • Analysis: The Global Chat

    The Global Chat History proves that when you undertake a revolutionary stance against the social norms of the things as they are, violence usually is close behind. Whether it is a sit-in at a white only lunch counter, or a protest against a corrupt government there is always something being flamed through social media. It lights up like Christmas with all the news and rumors of the latest undertaking. Albeit there was no Twitter or Facebook when the students defied the social norms and demanded…

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  • Examples Of An Evening Chat

    An Evening Chat Scene: My roommate and I are sitting doing homework on opposite ends of the same dorm room. We do not speak. We do not need to. Somehow she and I always vibrate on the same wavelength. When we need to talk we do. Otherwise, we understand the value of silence, especially when it comes time to study. The clock strikes 9:30 PM. A knock at the door. My roommate goes to answer it and it is my good friend. She smiles at my roommate but brushes past quickly, on a mission to fill me…

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  • Fireside Chat Observation

    In the wake of outlining this assessment and clarifying the importance of it to the students, I'll let them know that there were four specific things that I was evaluating amid this activity. The rubric for the task has four key things that I am utilizing to judge students execution, which depended on their parts. One, the part of the researcher. Did they keep the group on undertaking, offer the group some assistance with understanding the document, did they give foundation information of said…

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  • Snap Chat: A Brief Summary

    Late October 2016, a tragic accident causing multiple deaths and injuries made local and national news. When reported by NBC nightly news hosted by Lester Halt, the story seem to make headlines because of the popular application and it’s filter “Snap chat”, and when it was reported by Tampa Bay Times it seemed to make headlines because of the multiple fatalities that happened amongst a community. Television and newspaper have emerged as two types of popular mass media. How can the same story…

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  • Fireside Chat Research Paper

    protecting troop ships and supplies against submarines on the high seas. We have already received telegrams from some of our fighting men overseas, and I only wish they could tell you what they think of the stoppage of work in the coalmines.” Fireside chats were a tool that President Franklin D. Roosevelt used as a means of reassuring the American people, and boosting morale. The quotation given was spoken by FDR during his Fireside chat on May 2, 1943, which was made in regards to the…

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  • Cri Du Chat Analysis

    Cri du Chat syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that is caused by deletion of the small arm in chromosome 5. This is an example of unbalanced translocation, which is involved in the development of birth defects and or health problems. As of today, there is no known cause for this case of unbalanced translocation. Typically, there is no evidence of the condition within family lineage. Therefore, Cri du chat is not an inherited disorder. The deletion of this chromosome arm occurs in a…

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  • Should Children Be Allowed On The Internet

    true. My mom’s boyfriend’s son is four years old and he knows how to use my IPhone better than my 70-year-old grandmother. The internet s not safe like it use to be and it’s not hard for kids to get into trouble now. Parent’s sometimes will deny it because of their age but society is moving fast and kids are pressured now more than ever over the internet ad phone. When my friend and I were younger, chatting sites and video chatting sites were very popular. My friends name was Carrie and…

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