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  • Third Places Research Paper

    Oldenburg’s criteria for traditional third spaces stated that they must be on a neutral ground, must be social leveler, must be accessible, driven by communication, must have regulars, and a playful mood. Furthermore, third places offered relief from the daily demands of work and home life. Bars and cafés offer people direct, formal, in-person human interaction and connection. The use of third places was advantageous for both the individual and the community by providing a number of benefits. For the individual, third places were a place to go free of stress and provided a sense of belonging. A great example of a third place and the relationship between an individual and a “traditional” third place is represented in the television show Cheers. Cheers was a fictional bar located in Boston, the atmosphere was laid back and had the motto of “Where everyone knows your name.” The bar was the cornerstone in the community. Many people…

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  • On Cheers, By Frasier

    Frasier is a television show and the recipient of several Emmy Awards. The show is a spin-off of Nielsen favorite Cheers written by David Angell and Christopher Lloyd. It is set in Seattle, the story of pretentious psychiatrist Frasier Crane (longest-running character in a live-action sitcom) who has moved from Boston to Seattle and taken a job as a radio psychiatrist at the fictional radio station KACL. Most of the action revolves around Frasier's womanizing and premarital action, struggles…

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  • Cheer Tryout Day

    One sunny day I woke up and thought it is cheer tryout day. Today would be the most exciting and scary day of my life. I slowly got out of bed and got ready for school. When I got to school Kamry and Autumn was already there, they were really nervous also. We sat and talked about how we are really scared to try out that day and how we knew the dances and stuff. Then Allie got to school. We all talked about how nervous we were and how we were telling each other that they were going to…

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  • Cheer Team Reflection

    After cheering at my Cheerleading gym for a couple years I have known the existence of a special needs cheer team. I have always had an interest in helping out other teams in my gym. In the November of 2015, my father had received an email reaching out to the athletes for help on the special needs team at the gym . At first I was hesitant because I didn’t know any of the people on the team, the coaches personally, and other athletes that were going to help. I went to the first practice not…

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  • Competitive Cheer Leading Essay

    From pom-poms to back handsprings cheer leading has evolved, yet kept the same foundation as before. Cheerleaders still wear short skirts and pump up the crowd during a winning home basketball game but what most people do not know is cheerleaders have found their own way to show off their athletic abilities. However, they are not showing them on the sideline of a football or basketball game. These girls will be flipping, jumping, and stunting on the blue mats in front of seven judges and a crowd…

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  • Cheer Captain Research Paper

    This is my third year as a high school cheerleader. I am currently serving as the senior high cheer captain. Through the past three years of my high school career, cheer has continually impacted my life positively in more than one aspect. It has opened numerous doors for me. It has made me not only more physically active, but also more active in my school. Cheerleading has been the one activity that keeps me physically active. During football season, I have practice four times a week and a game…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Cheer Moms

    of “cheer moms”. Watching these moms on T.V might be entertaining, but truth be told no mother wants these titles associated with them. While a majority of these moms are relatively normal there are handfuls found at Cheer Athletics that can be distinguished by one of these categories. Ranging from the youth- reliver to the introvert believe it or not these cheer moms do exist in the world. If ever given the unfortunate chance to visit Cheer Athletics be on the lookout for one of these seven…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Cheer A Sport?

    Paige Bloskas WRIT 101-Section 112 Dr. Kerstin Rudolph Is Cheer a Sport? Many people today debate wether cheer is a sport or not. Some people stereotype a cheerleader as merely being a woman standing on the sidelines of games looking perfect, shaking their pom poms, holding signs and yelling chants for football players. However, there is more to cheer than just that. Even if girls standing on sidelines cheering at football games is not a sport, there is also a competitive side of cheer. This…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Cheers

    stands, I can see the support from all the student section fans and how proud they are of the team they are supporting. I see a loud, obnoxious yelling fool, he obviously thinks he is the coach. There is also the guy that is sitting down not cheering but patiently watching to see if the team is going to come through or not. Differences surround the football field, and that is what makes up the crowd. The student section fans are the lives of the party. They dress up for every single game and…

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  • Why Is Cheer Important To Me

    High school athletics have impacted every aspect of my life, including my overall perception of myself. Personally, my entire high school career has been dedicated to cheerleading. Participating in this sport all four years of high school has provided me with opportunities to meet new people and improved leadership skills. I have learned the value of team building, dedication, responsibility, and determination. As I look back on all of the hard work, sweat and tears left on the cheerleading…

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