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  • Analysis Of A Bag Of Potato Chips

    Overall, the difference in the labeled weight and the recorded weight was not significant. Instead, the largest difference, which was Cheetos Puffs at 1.7g, is only slightly heavier than half of a new U.S. penny, which is 1.25g. For this reason and the data in the tables, it is safe to conclude that a bag of chips does not contain its labeled amount, yet there is not a significant difference to assume a quality…

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  • Lipids In Milk Lab Report

    Introduction The purpose of this lab was to identify the lipids in an egg yolk and to identify the amount of lipids in milk [1]. To extract the lipids from the egg yolk, the egg yolk needed to be combined with an organic solvent such as a mixture of CHCl3/MeOH. An organic solvent was needed to carry the extracted lipids up the TLC plate because the plate was polar, due to the presence of silica gel (silanol groups). To compare relatively similar lipids to the ones found in the egg yolk, the egg…

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  • Short Summary: Keep Calm And Eat Cheese

    Keep Calm and Eat Cheese Smile, say cheese! According to “The Cheese Glossary”, Freezing causes most cheese to undergo a textural change. Harder cheese will turn crumbly, while softer ones might separate slightly. Such changes won 't be noticeable if you use the cheese in cooked dishes. Thaw in the refrigerator and use within a few days of defrosting” (par. 11). Somewhere, somehow the famous food is involved in a part of at least one human’s day. To many, cheese is a favorite food. In reality,…

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  • Bee Depopulation Pros And Cons

    Imagine the All American meal, two fluffy buns on either side of a juicy beef patty topped with melted cheese and accompanied by crunchy lettuce, crisp pickles and sweet ketchup. The french fries on the side are the perfect golden brown. Sounds delicious right? As you pick up the burger your mouth waters in anticipation. You bite down and are shocked when the only thing you get is bun. “Where’s the beef?” This iconic slogan from Wendy’s portrayed a sweet old woman asking a simple question…

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  • Personal Narrative: Whisker

    legs as they entered the house. I greeted my parents by giving them a hug and they asking them how their day was. I told them that my day was great because I got to spend some quality time with Whisker. They also asked Whisker how her day was, as if she was able to speak in English, but she responded with just a meow. My parents assumed that the "meow" meant that she had a good day. Pets depend on humans to provide what they need such as food, lodging, and love. My dad walked into the kitchen…

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  • Essay On Best Cheeseburger

    After that cheese is the next thing to get. To get the best cheese the best place is a cheese factory in Wisconsin. It might be a drive, but it is worth it. What is the most common on a cheeseburger is American cheese, but you can get whatever kind you want. Next is the meet. Usually most people say beef is the way to go, so go to the local butcher and pick out as much and what kind everyone will like. A lot of people will say sirloin is the best. Choose meat with some fat to give it…

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  • Spanish Restaurant Observation

    products including cheese, beer, meat, chocolate, yams, paella rice, sardines, and many more. Everything was organized and displaced in an orderly fashion. The market was very small but they manage to provide an array of options as to what you should purchase. I noticed that there were some items that i had never seen before. One was actual traditional paella rice. It was in a large sack, which I think made it look more authentic than the bagged rice found in most places in the U.S. A second…

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  • Sargento Vision And Values: Case Study

    with an open mind and an eagerness to learn and fix any issues I am always looking to better myself in all aspects of my job to improve my effectiveness. My thirst for knowledge and desire for continuous learning has me looking for new challenges, project and different roles to increase my skills. I will almost never say no to an opportunity that arises. There is plenty of learning opportunities that I would like to start, continue, and complete in the near future. I would like to start pursuing…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Milk

    72% of the calcium in the U.S. food supply comes from milk and other dairy products. Aside from that, milk has the basic nutrients and is an important source of protein, and it’s thought to be the ‘perfect’ food. As a result, many consider milk a necessary and healthy part of every individual's diet, but that’s not necessarily true. While milk does offers many nutritional benefits, research has proven that milk, and other dairy products, are bad for one’s health. Consumption of milk can lead to…

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  • Coffee Creamer Case Study

    • Fluid milk and milk-based products – This Proportion includes not only the milk, but also the milk-based beverages, yogurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese, milk-based chocolate drinks, heavy cream, dips, sour cream, nonalcoholic eggnog, flavored milk drinks, whipped cream and toppings. It occupies 34.1% of total sales. • Dry, condensed and evaporated milk products – This part of the industry includes dry, whole, nonfat, skim, buttermilk, infant formulas, and the dairy product substitutes which…

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