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  • Literary Techniques Used In Perfume-The Story Of A Murderer '

    In the texts ‘Perfume-the story of a murderer’ by Patrick Süskind and ‘the turning’ by Tim Winton, a diverse range of literary techniques are used to present similar ideas. Though the storylines differ both follow a single main character who is used to denote to the enormity and mysterious grandeur of life. So it is appropriate that the complex themes of human suffering, time and change and the transience of existence are used in both texts to encapsulate life. Winton presents these ideas in ‘The turning’ through vague language, contrasting and chapters. Conversely, Süskind uses descriptive language, foreshadowing and chapters to present similar ideas. In the texts ‘Perfume’ and ‘The turning’, Winton and Süskind present human suffering through the use of diverse literary techniques. Human suffering in ‘Perfume’ is presented through death and the anguish of an outcast. Süskind retells death and neglect through descriptive language. In contrast human suffering in ‘The turning’ is presented through family issues. Vague language is used to retell issues that arise in families like mental illness, substance abuse and suicide. These dissimilar techniques allow the idea of human suffering to be understood in two very contradictory ways. Süskind’s use of descriptive language helps readers to better imagine the girl who ‘had been killed by a heavy blow to the back of the head’, by appealing to their senses. This technique allows readers emotional connection to be more profound.…

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  • Theme Of Literary Devices In The Stranger

    In part one, chapter six of The Stranger, Camus utilizes a multitude of literary devices in hopes of describing and explaining Meursault’s killing of the Arab. Although Camus employs the use of a plethora of literary techniques, some of the most conspicuous include those of foreshadowing, imagery, and intricate diction. In the final chapter of part one, Camus makes use of various literary devices to present the notion that Meursault’s needless murder of the Arab lacks a rational explanation,…

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  • My Distrust And Dislikes Of New People

    I may seem like a quiet person or in other words a shy person. But in no way is that true , I used to be the person who wanted to meet everyone. Many incidents in life have caused me to wait for the monster in a person to come out before attempting to establish a relationship. I have hurt many people this way I can only love those who I know and trust. My main source of distrust and dislike of new people is because of a man named Donny Jordan and the night I almost got my family killed. …

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  • Why Should Assault Weapons Be Banned

    very easy to get access to guns. In California, obtaining a gun license is very easy: any twenty one years old and up legal resident can apply for a gun license. The requirements are: pass the written gun safety test, pass the background check, pay a small fee and present a valid ID. If they fulfill all the requirements, then they can legally buy a gun from any legal vendors. In addition to legal purchase of guns, there have been notorious cases of illegal gun trafficking among the nation. The…

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  • Should Women Carry Guns For Protection?

    Hajer imam Essay 4 Should women carry guns for protection? The worldwide rate of abused and violated women is high. It is globally known that women are easy targets for violence, so we deduce that females need additional protection. Many believe that women should be allowed to carry weapons to protect themselves independently, while others believe in alternative solutions. No can deny that women need protection, yet people argue about the methods. As a female, this decision must made without…

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  • Khaled Beydoun Lone Wolf Analysis

    An Anthropological Perspective on “Lone Wolf”: Our Stunning Double Standards When it comes to race and religion by Khaled Beydoun In the news article, writer Khaled Beydoun argues that the shooting in Las Vegas on October 1st demonstrates how people in America view the act of terrorism when it comes to race and religion. Despite how the shooter, Stephen Paddock, was armed with ten rifles, and the large scale of causalities, Sherriff Joe Lombardo immediately rejected that the crime has any…

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  • Problem Statement For Research On School Shootings

    The topic is “by providing more education on guns to school aged children (aged 5 to 18) the number of accidental shootings will be reduced.” The problem statement is that to many individuals die in shootings every day. Nearly 48 youth are shot every day, including 7 fatalities. By providing children with proper knowledge and training on how to handle a gun the number of incidents will be reduced. The population for research will be the entire United States. Stratified sampling will be used due…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Black Lives Matter Movement

    But nonetheless, a criminal with a lengthy record who made no attempt to improve his life. All rights should be taken away, yet the Black Lives Matter movement wants to give a criminal rights? Garner seemed like a peaceful likable guy. I am not questioning his personality — however, in a civil society criminal behavior is dangerous and puts innocent lives at risk. The police had every right to keep Garner under their radar because he was a criminal engaging in suspicious activity. In…

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  • Guns Kill People: A Narrative Analysis

    Guns are not a weapon, they are a tool. Many people around the world believe in the saying that “Guns kill people” for the simple fact that when a human pulls the trigger on the gun it can kill someone but if you think about what was just said “people kill people.” Guns are a tool that help everyone feel safe and at ease. In the stories, “ Second Inaugural Address” by Abraham Lincoln, “ What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” by Frederick Douglass, and “Runagate Runagate” by Robert Hayden…

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  • Essay On Exceptionalism

    that the U.S. government was hell-bent on seizing all guns from its citizens (Potok & Terry, 33). This ridiculous notion demonstrates the ties that Americans feel to their need for armed weaponry. As exhibited in our very own lecture, it is common mythos that having more guns makes us safer, that a gun can be used to protect us fro other guns. This circular logic operates on the assumption that regardless of gun control crazy individuals will always be shooting up schools, churches, malls, etc.…

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