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  • Theme Of Literary Devices In The Stranger

    In part one, chapter six of The Stranger, Camus utilizes a multitude of literary devices in hopes of describing and explaining Meursault’s killing of the Arab. Although Camus employs the use of a plethora of literary techniques, some of the most conspicuous include those of foreshadowing, imagery, and intricate diction. In the final chapter of part one, Camus makes use of various literary devices to present the notion that Meursault’s needless murder of the Arab lacks a rational explanation, though the reader attempts to find one. Across the course of chapter six, Camus makes use of foreshadowing as a means of hinting at the disastrous course that Meursault’s life will take at the end of the chapter. Although readers are inclined to predict that Raymond will be the character whose life will take a downward course given his violent nature and tension with the Arab, the alteration of Meursault’s life is foreshadowed in numerous occasions. An apparent example lies in the first paragraph of chapter six, when Marie tries to get Meursault out of bed on Sunday morning and accuses him of looking like, “[He] had on a ‘funeral’ face” (Camus 47). When one initially comes across this quote, one is likely to interpret it as an ironic statement in its use for depicting a man who did not mourn at his mother’s own funeral. However, after one is made aware of the fact that Meursault later goes on to murder the Arab, this description illustrates an example of foreshadowing after reading…

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  • Literary Techniques Used In Perfume-The Story Of A Murderer '

    In the texts ‘Perfume-the story of a murderer’ by Patrick Süskind and ‘the turning’ by Tim Winton, a diverse range of literary techniques are used to present similar ideas. Though the storylines differ both follow a single main character who is used to denote to the enormity and mysterious grandeur of life. So it is appropriate that the complex themes of human suffering, time and change and the transience of existence are used in both texts to encapsulate life. Winton presents these ideas in…

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  • Gun Control Australia

    In 1996 the mass killing of 35 people at Port Arthur led to Australia’s government deciding to induce radical changes in gun control. The result of this decision was to implement the strictest firearm control polices the country had ever seen, and to remove nearly all guns from civilian hands. Australia implemented a buy back policy in which all firearms were demanded to be turned into the police and citizens would be reimbursed. In total 643,726 firearms were turned in by Australian citizens…

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  • Gun Control In School Essay

    Gun, it is one of the most hazardous object or material that any man kind could have ever created. Although law enforcement officers often use it to protect themselves from menacing suspect, gun should not be allowed in school to teachers nor students for any purposes or reasons because it is extremely dangerous. Allowed gun in school to teacher and students especially in a country where violence has become an epidemic could lead into a greater deal of fear to students and teachers just as it is…

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  • Gun Persuasive Speech

    easily? People without the right gun training can be a danger to everyone around them including themselves. No one will be able to tell what they really want to do with that gun. That’s why I think people need to take a class to get trained and certified to buy a rifle or shotgun. After their class, they would get a permit to operate and buy firearms. There are many precautions that can be taken to help…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Banning Firearms

    the United States in 2015 in a gun homicide, unintentional shooting, or murder/suicide” (Mascia, “15 Statistics That Tell the Story of Gun Violence This Year”). “There were, on average, 16.4 such [mass] shootings a year from 2007 to 2013, compared with an average of 6.4 shootings annually from 2000 to 2006” (Schmidt, “F.B.I. Confirms a Sharp Rise in Mass Shootings Since 2000”). These statistics prove that within the past couple of years, gun violence has been a rising epidemic. America is in…

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  • Hunting Vs Hunting

    If you want to buy a gun or bow there is two ways you can take when buying one them. You can take the cheap way or the expensive way. That’s the easiest way I can describe it. Guns and bows can be very cheap then people can also put a lot of money into what they want. There is nothing wrong with buying a cheap gun especially when it comes to muzzle loaders because there is nothing to them. What I mean by that is they are simple and there is not a lot of parts to worry about breaking. Now if you…

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  • The Effects Of Obama's Gun Laws

    Although Obama’s intentions may be pure, the gun laws that he and his administration have gotten enacted fail to consider the long term effect that they will have. These laws are created on the faulty premise that the amount of gun crimes and gun violence can be drastically decreased by restricting legally obtained firearms. The fallacy of this premise can be easily established by looking at California which has the strictest gun laws in the country and is still home to one of the U.S.’s top 5…

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  • The Dangers Of Mass Shootings

    Mass shootings have been the subject of many conversations and debates over the years. It seems a shooting happens every fews months, which is all to often, and is in the news almost every day. Not long ago, in 2007, a shooter with a troubled history of mental health killed 32 people at Virginia Tech and injured many other students and faculty members (Seung 1). One of the most well known shootings was on April 20th, 1999. The event was known as Columbine. 13 high school students were killed,…

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  • Commentary Shameful Scapegoating Of The Mentally Ill

    Unfortunately this mental image is pretty much the norm. Between the media and the movies, when one thinks of a mad man they think of a mentally ill person swaying a gun left to right uncontrollably while pacing back and forth. The point of Toms article is to educate that this is not always the case, and to ask people to stop assuming every murderer must be mentally ill. By doing so the people who are mentally ill and need help have a huge stigma put on them. People are less likely to care about…

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