Debate Essay: Should Gun Control On Campus?

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Guns on Campus

The issue being debated claims that gun possession with students and staff on a school campus could either harm or protect innocent people. The debate suggests that either guns should not be allowed on campus at all or there should be limitations on where they would be allowed. There have been some who believe there are instances in different colleges that have had situations that it would have been critical for them to have had a hand gun on them at the time. Amanda Collins argues that because of a state ban on concealed handguns on public college campuses had left her vulnerable to a man who raped her at the University of Nevada at Reno. Ms. Collins said “Had I been carrying that night, there is no doubt in my mind that
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This supports the view that if everyone was allowed to carry a weapon and protect themselves then there would be less injuries and or attacks on people. If the college decides in the legislation that having a gun license on campus would be to only protect the staff and students. Then, the legislation outcome would be a wise decision that would benefit everyone if they were ever in a situation that there would be an attack or rape. In addition to the pro-gun movement that is taking place here in the United States more people are becoming aware and supportive of the carrying law. It is allowing more colleges around the state to protect each person that has been violated in horrible situations, and it could be prevented and be brought to an end. This is all possible if the students and staff have the right to be able to carry handguns. Any individual wanting to carry would have to require proof that they took a firearm training and submit background checks to qualify. The college would also have to make sure that the applicant understood the importance and danger of handling such a powerful

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