Essay On Dangers Of Guns

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The Dangers of Guns

Do you ever think about how quickly your life can be taken by a simple shot from a handgun? Do you know many innocent lives are taken daily by guns? Death by a gun is a huge ordeal in America. Thus far in 2015, according to the Gun Violence Archive, 10,843 deaths have occurred all over the Unites States due to gun violence. The number of children killed, ages 0-11, due to a handgun has reached 583 deaths. Today, many people have access to guns. Some who own a gun use it for protection in a time of need, while some others abuse the right of owning a gun. Many people will agree that it is acceptable to own a handgun in case of an emergency, but little do people know that not all handgun owners are in the right state of
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It is not the gun itself that is dangerous, it is the person behind the trigger who is. Stricter gun laws need to be made in the United States to prevent unexpected tragedy’s such as a school shooting, murders, and suicides from happening. Ways it could be prevented is by enforcing more explicit background checks and undergoing intense mental evaluations. Adolescences and adults who own a handgun with with children in the home need to be monitored that they are keeping it in a safe, stowed, and locked compartment where their child will not have access to it. Reading about small children shooting their sibling, friend, and or classmate is horrifying. Although it is not the child’s fault, it is the parents fault for carelessly leaving it out and open for the child to grab it, they will grow up learning the reason a specific person in their life is not there due to them accidently taking their life. If gun laws were made stricter in the United States as they are in other foreign countries, the death rate by a firearm could possibly decrease. Individuals need to take responsibility for owning a handgun and make sure that gun is being used properly and

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