Argumentative Essay: Should Guns Be Made Illegal?

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In recent years, a lot of debate had been going on about the laws pertaining to firearms. Unfortunately, with all of the mass shootings and killings being reported by the media, guns are given a bad reputation. Sadly, many people believe that they should be illegal because they are dangerous and can kill people, but what these people don’t realize is making them illegal will do a lot more harm than good. Guns have created a balance in society and if we were to take them away it could cause a lot of chaos which would result in more crime and more casualties. People deserve the right to bear arms because with proper training one could possibly save his/her life and also protect others. Guns are designed to kill people. They should be made illegal because the only reason a person would need a gun is to either kill an animal or a human. Some may argue that the 2nd amendment protects their rights as citizens to own a firearm but it was also created 224 …show more content…
In fact, owning a gun can actually be more safe than not having one. It can bring a sense of security to your home knowing that you have some sort of protection. Someone who is properly trained can safely protect their house and family from anyone trying to harm them while not having to worry about any accidents happening. Everyone hears of those accidental shootings once in awhile, but how much blame can we put on guns? Car accidents happen every day but no one blames cars, so we shouldn’t blame guns. The only one to blame is the person mishandling it. The only reason someone would get hurt with a gun is because they failed to keep it in a safe spot or they were playing with it. A gun isn’t going to shoot anybody by itself. If everyone took the necessary precautions no one would get hurt. In a way, owning a gun is like owning a car, if you mess around and aren’t careful it 's possible you could get

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