Beretta 92

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  • Dixie Lee Hayes Character Insert

    Jacqui and T-Dog followed Andrea out and greeted the group sharing in the merriment of their return. Dixie was slowly backing away from Shane who had yet to move from his spot close to her and retreated towards her tent near the edge of the camp. She passed a tall brunet comforting her son Carl who looked like he was about to cry. Dixie felt sorry for the boy, his mother Lori told her that his father passed away in a coma when the outbreak started. Dixie remembered feeling horrible for thinking that the man was lucky that he didn’t have to endure this hell. Sure, there options to escape reality, drugs, giving in and letting one of the walkers bite her, or even the bittersweet release of death that came from the cold barrel of her scavenged Beretta 92FS. She could never do it, though. She didn’t know if she was just too soft, or if she hadn’t felt desperate enough to pull the trigger, either way, she was still here. Dixie had almost made it to her tent when she heard Carl shout, curiosity getting the best of her, and turned around. “Dad, Dad!” Carl ran into the arms of a tall man with brown hair wearing the same tan and brown sheriff’s uniform Shane had been wearing, promenading around to give the fake atmosphere of superiority Shane so desperately craved. That is until she accidentally got blood all over it. The brown-haired man crouched down to meet Carl, crumbling onto the ground with his arms wrapped tightly around his son before easily picking up the boy and walking over…

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  • The M9 Case Study

    for a submission. The makers SACO, Beretta, S&W, and H&K submitted their version of a 9-mm pistol. Preliminary test include simple frame features like trigger design and how the sights are placed. Then the practical test began, the pistols would go through several test and be compared to a control of a .45 cal pistol. The service life test is one where they take 3 sample pistols from each maker and…

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