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  • The M9 Case Study

    for a submission. The makers SACO, Beretta, S&W, and H&K submitted their version of a 9-mm pistol. Preliminary test include simple frame features like trigger design and how the sights are placed. Then the practical test began, the pistols would go through several test and be compared to a control of a .45 cal pistol. The service life test is one where they take 3 sample pistols from each maker and…

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  • Dixie Lee Hayes Character Insert

    Jacqui and T-Dog followed Andrea out and greeted the group sharing in the merriment of their return. Dixie was slowly backing away from Shane who had yet to move from his spot close to her and retreated towards her tent near the edge of the camp. She passed a tall brunet comforting her son Carl who looked like he was about to cry. Dixie felt sorry for the boy, his mother Lori told her that his father passed away in a coma when the outbreak started. Dixie remembered feeling horrible for thinking…

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  • The Battle Of Italy: The Causes Of World War I

    the Triple Entente (Russia, Great Britain, and France). In retrospect, Italy might have had a small role in World War I, yet that particular role is what influenced the outcome of the war. Along with many nations such as Great Britain, France, Germany, and Austria-Hungary, Italy had also made advances in terms of technology. However, such advances in technology proved no where close with other central powers and were not as iconic. Unlike World War 2, World War I had compromised of a battle…

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  • Causes Of Menta Mental Illness

    seventy-six were obtained. How were they obtained without any questions or concerns? According to gun laws you can purchase an assault rifle at the age of eighteen years of age as long you receive a background check. Notwithstanding, that if you are not purchasing your weapon from a licensed dealer you do not need a background check. Federal law does not require you to get a background check between private parties. Some assault rifles are a Hecker and Koch G36, SIG Saver 556 PSD, and a COLT M-4…

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  • Alcatraz: A Short Story

    Smack, Joseph's foot slammed into a table leg. The blindfold was tight against his dark blue eyes. Fear struck in his face when the blindfold was removed by a muscular man in a leather jacket. Dead laying on the floor was a 30 year old girl who was on the cover of many magazines. Her name was Kaity and she was an entrepreneur. There was a knife dug five inches into the her chest. Joseph fell to his knees in horror, but instantly the man in the leather jacket ordered him to stand. Joseph…

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  • Creative Writing: Medieval Way Of Inflicting Pain

    please, I don’t know what you’re talking about please.” Karsen was able to manage this utterance between her cry. Donald, smiling with an evil grin, yet again said: “What were you doing with that time traveler?” Karsen was confused and asked: “Time traveler? What time traveler? And what does that even mean?” Donald answered. “I am talking about your new boyfriend, Donovan, young lady. Now answer me before things get more painful!” Donald roared. Suddenly a shot rang out from outside the…

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  • World War 2 Weapons Research Paper

    sidearms also known as pistols contributed a very small amount in WWII. Not many soldiers used their side arms. They are known to be reliable but not very accurate. Soldiers mainly used there sidearms with close combat or if there main weapon is out of ammunition and they don't have time to reload. Pistols were mainly carried by infantry officers, tank crews and pilots. ( World War 2 Weapons) The United States used a Remington 1911 that fired a .45 caliber bullet. This pistol was known to be…

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  • The Differences Of Open Carrry Vs. Concealed Carry

    Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry What is open and concealed carry? Open carry is the right to carry a firearm, usually a pistol of some sort, on your hip inside a holster. Concealed carry is where a person wears a pistol in a holster inside the waistband. Some of the most common pistol brands are Glock, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Sig, Springfield, Kimber, Ruger, Beretta, Remington, and Browning. The pistol most law enforcement uses are Glocks. Different calibers are available but most common is .40…

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  • Wesson Company Controversy

    Product Liability Essay City of Gary v. Smith & Wesson Corp Plaintiff: In this particular case, the party who initiated the lawsuit was the city of Gary, Indiana, by its mayor, Scott L. King, with the intention of obtaining both injunctive relief and monetary compensation for the harm allegedly caused by the unlawful marketing and distribution of handguns. Defendants: Manufacturers -Smith & Wesson Corp., Beretta USA Corp., Glock Corp, Charter Arms Corp., Hi-Point Firearms Corp., Navegar, Inc.,…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Who's To Blame?

    I don't know why they call him Uncle Jimmy, but that was the name popping on my cell phone last Tuesday. He told me he needed a driver for a post office job he was planning and that it was all ready to go. Jimmy is in his 50s, but age doesn’t bothered him. He’s a huge, muscular built man. He always carries his Beretta, loaded and with the safety off, inside his jacket or hanging on his waist. Jimmy loves to scare people, he gets excited when he sees the look on their faces as they stand…

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