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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Who's To Blame?

    popping on my cell phone last Tuesday. He told me he needed a driver for a post office job he was planning and that it was all ready to go. Jimmy is in his 50s, but age doesn’t bothered him. He’s a huge, muscular built man. He always carries his Beretta, loaded and with the safety off, inside his jacket or hanging on his waist. Jimmy loves to scare people, he gets excited when he sees the look on their faces as they stand terrified in front of him. At best he is an angry thug, but look at him…

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  • Beyond The Bullet

    Meihsin Chiang UCWR 110 12/12/16 Beyond the Bullet A CNN news headline on September 29, 2015 reads: “Another Chicago Family Gunned Down.” These sobering headlines seem to be appearing more frequently, and when gun violence hits close to home it can leave a more jarring impact. Whether it be examples of the toxic race relations in lower-income neighborhoods, increased incidences of school shootings, excessive use of police force, or terroristic threats – violence has pervaded the American…

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  • Personal Narrative: Supernatural

    I hear that from actors regularly. I didn't used to understand the concept of characters not being evil but misunderstood. But the more actors I talk to, the more I understand the mindset behind that. You're never playing a bad character. You can't judge the character. You realize they are misunderstood. Misunderstood, yeah. And they are really honest in what they want, even though they might be saying something dishonestly on top of it. That's how they are getting what they want. from…

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