Dixie Lee Hayes Character Insert

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Character Insert-Creative Writing Project

Dixie-Lee Hayes lay on the ground gasping for breath, scowling at the tree above her. That very particular tree, which she had been previously occupying, was the dark-haired woman's favorite because it grew at an angle and required very little effort to climb. The branches of the surrounding trees were full enough to shade the area but not to obstruct her view of the camp, making it the perfect area for her to people watch after she had finished her chores. The tree was steep enough that no walker would have had enough balance to climb and covered enough that anyone from the group would have to actively look for her in order to see her, giving her the perfect false sense of security.
Dixie normally had no problem staying in the tree, even when falling asleep. But in her defense, she didn't normally need to worry about alarms roaring directly below her.
After regaining her breath Dixie slowly sat up, flinching at the pressure she put on her right wrist. She looked down at
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Making quick work of dipping the bloody knee of her jeans in the water and scrubbing it as clean as she could with the soap, she was soon gathering up her belongings in her left hand and making her way back up to the camp.
Dixie was lost in thought as she ascended the quarry path, busy mumbling to herself about historical death rates and diseases. “Got it!” She had broken the silence that came along with the long walk up to camp, “1 in 7 died from TB and 11% from infection!” She yelled smiling to herself. She turned on her left foot in quick celebration before continuing back up the pathway. She took her first step out of her pirouette and immediately smacked into a hard object throwing her off balance, causing her to drop everything she brought with her, save the gun strapped to her

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