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  • The Greatest Moment Of Time Analysis

    Minister, the Pope, President Charles, President Saragat, the Swedish Prime Ministerand and Sir Bernard Lovell all expressed their kind words for the incredible and astonishing victory. For instance, how Mr.Wilson, the British Prime Minister, portrayed his feelings towards this event: “ Our deep wish for a safe return at the end of what has been a most historic scientific achievement in the history of a man. The first feeling of all in Britain was this very dangerous part of the mission has been safely accomplished.” Wilson enthusiastically shows his relief about the successful result even though he didn’t really say much, you can still feel the emotions presented with the very little that he did say. The Pope also very involved , followed the journey by watching it on television: “ We, humble representatives of that Christ, who, coming among us from the abyss of divinity, has made to resound in the heavens this blessed voice, today we make an echo, repeating it in a celebration on the part of the whole terrestrial globe, with no more unsurpassable bounds of human existence, but openness to the expanse of endless space and a new destiny.” As the Pope, he mentions Christ and how now with this victory, anything known to be impossible is now possible. That mankind has the ability to overcome any kind of diverse theories, even if it means taking a step on the moon again. Sir Bernard Lovell refers to this unforgettable victory as “ the moment of touchdown”: “ The moment…

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  • James Lovell Leadership Analysis

    perseverance and resiliency astronaut James Lovell left behind. James Lovell’s leadership attributes and competencies enabled him to turn an almost-certain catastrophe into his finest hour. I will also discuss how his legacy affects my own leadership philosophy and the lessons that I want to pass on to the next generation (U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, 2012). James Lovell had many attributes associated with leadership. His greatest strengths were his intellect and expertise (U.S.…

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  • Lost Moon The Perilous Voyage Of Apollo 13

    Lost moon : the perilous voyage of Apollo 13 was written by Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger. It was published by Houghton Mifflin, in 1994 and tells the story of the Apollo 13 mission that almost resulted in a catastrophe. In April of 1970, Navy Captain Jim Lovell and two other astronauts were sent by NASA on America 's fifth mission to the moon. Fifty-five hours into the flight of Apollo 13 due to an electrical fault, one of the oxygen tanks exploded, causing its oxygen and power to begin to…

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  • Case Study Of Mark Madoff's Ponzi Scheme

    Mark Madoff was put in a very difficult position on whether to turn his father, Bernie Madoff, in for his Ponzi scheme immediately or give his father a week delay as he requested. If Mark would have not immediately gone to authorities, he risked looking guilty for involvement and risked the charges associated with involvement, in addition to possibly facing charges for withholding information on his father’s illegal activity. If Mark chose to wait it out, he would be giving Bernie not only a…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Greed

    We all want certain things, and sometimes greedy people want more than others. Like just about everyone, I have been a greedy person, and have had greed. My greed is ordinary though it is my motivator to go to college, get a better job, and truly succeed in life. I believe greed is good and bad because it can bring out the worst in people, but others it truly drives them to just be successful, happy people. I hope to describe how greed is something that just about everyone has and what…

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  • The Magic Barrel And The German Refugee

    stories. The short stories “the Magic Barrel” and “The German Refugee” displays Bernard Malamud 's Jewish culture and background through characters and other parts in the story. According to Bernard Malamud’s the “Magic Barrel”, “Not long ago there lived in uptown New York, in a small, almost meager room, through crowded books, Leo Finkle, a rabbinical student in the Yeshivah University. Finkle after six years of study, was to be ordained in June.” (Malamud) This…

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  • Money Laundering: Film Analysis

    1. Gordon Gekko, a man that is sentenced to jail for money laundering, comes out eight years later and finds himself with alone. He is in love with money and finds a way to get his millions that he once had, when Jake Moore (his daughters fiancée comes to him. Jake wants to take revenge for his mentors death, Gordon takes advantage of this and becomes and ally. Gordon gains Jakes trust and pretends to help him by telling him where to find a large amount of money. He tricks Jake and takes the…

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  • Technology Makes People Stupid

    In so many ways technology and Google has simplified people’s lives. Technology has become a necessity for just about everyone. All the information people need is at the tip of their fingers, directly on their phones. So, because of the easy access to Google and technology, individuals should be smarter, right? The fact is technology and Google makes people stupid, and this can be seen in a series of ways. First of all, Google alters the way people’s brains operate, and as a result they become…

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  • The Great Influenza Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    Now the reader doesn’t know what to think and questions what Barry is saying. As the reader is confused Barry rebuilds his credibility, as a scientific author, by quoting great French physiologist Claude Bernard and references to awarded scientist Albert Einstein. Now that the reader has been told even professional, famous, scientist rely on uncertainty they can trust what is going to be written throughout the rest of the passage. In the succeeding paragraphs Barry continues to explain…

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  • Roy Hobbs: The Perfect Hero

    As far as a Hollywood movie goes, everyone wants the perfect Hollywood ending. To be able to have the perfect Hollywood ending, Hollywood first has to make the perfect character. The perfect character consists of someone who is all around good. They have good intentions, a wholesome background, and despite every awful situation they are put in they come out of it a better person. So what better way to portray the perfect character than by making them great with kids? That was, after all, the…

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