The Greatest Moment Of Time Analysis

On July 16, 1969, an unforgettable and historical event occurred. This was a time of significance and overwhelming achievement for mankind. Neil Armstrong was the first man to step foot on the moon, along with the help of his colleague Edwin Aldrin. Both of these men are widely recognized for their brave and courageous act. With all the complications and challenges they might’ve gone through, people supported them every step of the way thanks to Times of London for publishing an article describing the event. Also, a speech made by William Safire discussing what President Nixon would’ve had said if the mission did not succeed. The third is a review about the day of the event by novelist Ayn Rand and lastly, is a political cartoon that was seen at this time.
Times of London Analysis The publisher of this article seemed very intrigued and involved by this very crucial and dangerous
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Below him, is Earth. Scattered with many issues that people have completely abandoned and ignored at this time period. “ The greatest moment of time” completely brainwashed the people of this time causing them to only focus on what’s happening on the moon , instead of focusing on the real problems that are happening on earth, their home. HerbLock published this cartoon on July 18,1969. The same time period that the journey was occurring. He hoped to get his audience to notice what they looked like. This time period was a marvelous time for many people. It involved drastic changes in mankind itself, an unforgettable victory and a long time supply of happiness and confidence in further, as one may call it, impossibilities.This image was used to cause some sort of guilt in the audience by portraying worldwide problems like war, poverty and prejudice.He captured the scene perfectly yet with some exaggeration. But if that didn’t catch the audience’s attention, then what

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