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  • Problems Of Philosophy By Bertrand Russell

    the first two chapters of his essay “Problems of Philosophy” Bertrand Russell explains an alternative solution to philosophical problems that many other philosophers have answered in many different but often similar ways. Problems such as is sense data a sign of physical objects, is there matter at all and if so, what is the nature of a physical object (Bertrand Russell 12-13)? From these questions he later asks: can we take other people’s perceptions into consideration, and are there other people at all (Bertrand Russell 21)? For the most part, he recognizes and acknowledges what other philosophers such as Berkeley and Descartes have worked out as un-absurd, but he claims that while there conclusions are completely possible there are…

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  • Political Ideals Bertrand Russell Analysis

    Bertrand Russell was a man of moral value. He was ahead of his time in many more ways than other gave him credit for during his years. His understanding for a variety of subjects was outstanding and incredible for a man with such a tragic past. Nonetheless, we will discuss one of the many accomplishments of this man throughout this essay and show some key factors, from what I believe in his book, “Political Ideals.” Throughout the first chapter of this book, Bertrand talks about how the…

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  • Bertrand Russell The Value Of Philosophy To Individual Life Analysis

    The Value of Philosophy to Individual life by Bertrand Russell. Russell’s goal of his article is to explain the everyday uses of philosophy and how philosophy influences human’s life both directly an indirectly. Russell also discusses how philosophy expands the human knowledge of what could be. Philosophy, according to Russell, frees our minds from the imprisonment of common sense. Therefore, this essay will explain Russell’s work and the point of his argument. Many scientists who study modern…

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  • René Descartes And Bertrand Russell: The Problem Of Physical Ideas

    notable was Bertrand Russell’s argument on this topic. The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell is a detailed piece, that put into question: whether or not external/ physical objects are real, in the sense that they are independent of people seeing them? This in turn raises an even more important question: Do we have knowledge…

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  • Socrates Response To The Apology Analysis

    It is apparent that Euthyphro does not truly know what piety is; therefore, his soul is not in the best possible state since he has false beliefs. Certainly, money can buy education; however, it cannot buy true knowledge, which can only be attained through one 's desire and persistence to do philosophy. True knowledge, unlike wealth, is embedded within oneself. Even if Euthyphro had money to buy education to know what piety truly is, he would not know until he does philosophy. Bertrand Russell…

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  • The Critique Of Bertrand XV: The Value Of Philosophy

    philosophy and the critical thinking that comes with it is as important to the mind and soul as food is to the body. This influence philosophy has on an individual has been argued as having various degrees by innumerable scholars. One such that makes the case for its relevance is Bertrand Russell, in his The Problems of Philosophy, most notably in “Chapter XV: The Value of Philosophy.” In his writings, Russell strongly illustrates the value philosophy holds and the importance in the study of it.…

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  • Bertrand Russell's Definition Of A Good Life

    Those individuals’ claims arise from that one can achieve a good life through moral values and considerations rather than monetary donations to the various organizations in society. That the “state of mind” significantly affects an individual’s ulterior actions, motives and “attitudes towards life.” Philosopher, Bertrand Russell’s reflection on the meaning of happiness compares “to an extraordinary extent the same as the good life,” and he profoundly believes that “one’s own happiness is bound…

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  • War Does Not Determine Who Is Right-Only Who Be Left

    As said by Bertrand Russell, “War does not determine who is right - only who is left.” It took me by surprise when I was walking by a store there happened to be a young man in a ragged united states military uniform sitting on the ground with a coffee can in between his boots. “Spare change for a soldier?”, Asked the young man. He looked up and asked a woman walking by. “Oh, you poor dear, All I have is 5 dollars on me”, said the woman with a doleful look on her face. I happened to be…

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  • Essay On Descartes Ontological Argument

    greatest being. Using this mechanism, St. Anselm identified other properties that are intrinsic to the nature of a supremely great being. This being must be ultimately just. This being must be ultimately good. This being must be eternal. Anselm goes on further, using the ontological argument to generate many other properties of the supremely perfect being ' ' '. The claim that existence can be a property of a supremely great being has been heavily disputed. Philosophers such as Aristotle.…

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  • Bertrand Russell And The Existence Of Matter

    Bertrand Russell had posed the question whether or not physical matter actually exist. He elaborated this point through argumentations and questions seen in his ‘Problems of Philosophy’ specified in the ‘Appearance and Reality’ and the ‘Existence of Matter’ – where he (Russell) claimed that the notion of existence lies in the essence of our sense data (sense-datum), with matter seen as non-existent. Throughout this essay, focus will be laid on Russell’s doubt and scepticism regarding real…

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