Achieving A Good Life Essay

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Definitively, could one ever truly define what it means to live a good life? Under what parameters does one define it and achieve it? Undoubtedly, one would expect to receive a barrage of opinions and anecdotes from people that claim they reached the highest prestige of life.
Nevertheless, one could derive varying tidbits and underlying themes from many, if not most, of the advice and lifestyle tips. One may consider the generic definition of having a good life as having a life marked by a higher standard or better condition. On the other hand, what would constitute someone achieving a good life, especially if everyone defines the “higher standard” in their own unique terms and expectations differently than their peers or family.
Multiple scholars, psychologists, sociologists, etc. voice their suggestions and examinations, each inputting a new perspective to the definition, adding to or fortifying previous contributions.
Notable and eccentric individuals express their notions of their beliefs and values on how they best believe the people and society can benefit from outside forces in order to attain a maximum
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According to bioethicist, Peter Singer, his solution to world poverty calls for “whatever money you’re spending on luxuries, not necessities, should be given away.” That philosophy applies even one moves up the economic ladder, due to the static cost of living set by the Conference Board and Singer’s “simple formula” for donating to help the world’s poor. His solution, like Hardin’s moral lifeboat ethics, brings up the concept of Bob and his Bugatti and the morality of saving people versus saving personal wealth. Nonetheless, Singer criticizes Bob and the other people that criticize Bob while not doing their fair share, if any, to aid the

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