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  • The Importance Of Customers

    business, everyone always wonders why this product is successful and that is unsuccessful. There are many reasons to answer for this question such as the different weather, condition, and quality; but everyone forgets the important elements are the customer behaviors and needs. There is the truth that the consumers will decide the survival…

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  • Shenig Siong Case Study

    According to Spring Singapore, a government statistics tool, the retail industry has approximately 20,082 retail establishments. According to the site, the country’s retail sector generated $34.5 billion in 2013, which is 1.4% of the Growth Domestic Product (GDP) (Spring Singapore 2016). A research conducted by the C Richard Ellis, Singapore is one of the worlds top 15 cities that has a considerable number of global retailers and brands in their market (Spring Singapore 2016). The retail sector…

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  • Sears Competitive Advantage

    Maximizing the value of product and service offerings within the industry Exploring the competitive advantage of Sears; one thing noted that Sears does have an advantage to focus on quality, low cost, and customer responsiveness and satisfaction. Its strategic scope can be geared towards products and service of their customers. This has already started with Sears member-centric focus in providing its customers with the best shopping experience. Furthermore, Sears can expand its product lines…

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  • Internet Of Things Business Analysis

    It triggers the real-time inventory action based on the collected data from the beacon, sensors and other smart devices that can be attached to the package, shelves and counters of the in-stores. IoT-devices also enable the retailer to understand which products are underperforming and high as stocks? What are running out of the stock? And the impact of the environmental condition over a product sale, product-trending or product-out-of-sale. Countless variables are responsible for a retail sale…

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  • Short Essay On Video Analysis

    It’s proven that a single marketing video on a website increases average visit time from 8 seconds up to 2 minutes, and that’s telling you something about these video’s power over online audiences. People just love to watch a story being told in an audiovisual way. And if you made a great quality video, they will also pay attention to what you have to say (I mean, promoting your product or service). Here 's one of our best explainer videos for to check its quality and engaging abilities:…

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  • Career Exploration Essay Sample

    information I have accumulated throughout this semester. The career that I have chosen upon is marketing in the luxury retail market for clothing, preferably Yves Saint Laurent. I would like to be a Marketing Executive focusing on brand management and product development. I have learned that what makes me unique is my analyzation skills and my ability to understand people at a deeper level (Dr. Ozcam). These skills are quite important in a career in Marketing in which understanding the…

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  • Executive Summary: Forever Young

    Overview: Forever Young will strategically position itself as a full-service clothing retail by offering products that are difficult for competitors to replace. This positioning requires a balance between location, store layout, customer service, relationship management, price, and differentiated products. These components help to create a retail mix that has a sustainable competitive advantage over the competition, while meeting the vast range of stakeholders in the target market area. The…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Network Marketing

    of money into network marketing advertising, but there aren 't too many alternative ways of promoting a product without it. Many new network marketing pros fail to appreciate this idea, advertising is really an investment if it 's working and they miss their chance at making a good income. You may not see advertising as an investment, but techniques of advertising that are selected wisely and closely monitored, can make a huge ROI. Bad advertising brings poor returns. Network marketing…

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  • Coercive Shopping

    counters. Some may say that the smell of enticing snack food is what brings you to retail markets snack stands. But, that is the convenience of not having to stop to get food after already shopping for some time. Accessibility is helping retail stores get the edge back they need to keep going. “Because of the recession, sales in physical retail stores were down 1.8 percent from the same date the year before; but as reported by Reuters on November 25, online retail sales jumped 26 percent,…

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  • Case Study Fitbit

    impossible task of getting healthy not only achievable, but interactive and enjoyable. Though there are many reasons for consumers to choose the Fitbit Blaze, one of main reasons include the fact that it is much cheaper than its competitors. In fact one scholar said “the highest-end Fitbit product is $100 cheaper than Apple Watch 's cheapest version” (Morrison). Another reason is the Fitbit Blaze is sold in fitness stores and some retail stores which makes it more accessible than its competitors…

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