BET theory

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  • Congo Red Lab Report

    ZnO/CR were used to investigate the efficiency of the adsorption of MB dye. Coating ZnO nanoparticles by Congo Red dye (ZnO/CR) In coating process, amount of 0.30 g of ZnO dispersed in 200 mL solution of congo red with a concentration of 200 mg/L and stirred for 3.0 hr at pH 3 and temperature of 303 K. The samples were then centrifuged to collect the solids and dried at 45 °C for 12 hr. Characterization of ZnO and ZnO/CR nanoparticles The average pore size and total pore volume of ZnO/CR were determined at 77.4K by nitrogen adsorption isotherm using Micromerities ASAP2010.was used to calculate the specific surface areas of The value of specific surface area of ZnO and ZnO/CR samples determined from the method Brunauer–Emmett–Teller (BET)[13]. Scanning electron microscopy/Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy employed to analyze the size, morphology and structures of the ZnO and ZnO/CR nanoparticles. The elemental analysis of both ZnO and ZnO/CR were determined by SEM-EDS using ZAF method standardless quantitative analysis [14]. The crystal structure of ZnO and ZnO/CR was investigated by X-ray diffraction (XRD)using = 0.1542 nm and 2 values started from 10 to 80. In addition the structural properties of ZnO and ZnO/CR were analyzed by Shimadzu FTIR spectrometer (from400 to 4000 cm-1) at room temperature. pH values measured by pH meter (HANNA). Perkin Elmer Lambda 35,UV–vis spectrophotometer was used for determining [MB] and [CR] samples employing the standard…

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  • Analysis Of In A Prominent Bar In Secaucus One Day

    physically fit, and I have no money, which means I can no longer acquire the companionship that I used to. In the first six stanzas, the drunken woman brags about everything she used to have. Being someone who has over indulged, I have told many stories of my ostentatious and extravagant past experiences. Like the drunken woman in the poem, I have dined at expensive restaurants, have stayed in fancy hotels, and have driven and owned many luxury vehicles. The last four stanzas discuss her…

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  • Personal Narrative-A Life Of Little Bets

    A life of “little bets” As I brainstormed to determine the feedback direction for Module 1, a single thought kept creeping in my head: “Wow, this was like when I did blank”. I have to admit, = my entire life has been a series of “Little Bets”, even prior to my birth. This may sound odd, but truly I have a life that is stranger than fiction;the following will entail how my life, Rebecca Anniversary Merry-Pruss has been a trail of “little bets”. I remember my mother telling me about her…

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  • Values And Values Of Science

    The tools of science are not the apparati with which science is executed, such as scales and telescopes, nor the theories science generates to explain things, though both are useful instruments in their own right. I refer instead to the habitual processes which science relies upon. The most prominent tool is the scientific method which serves to direct one 's inquiry. Other useful tools include gathering data, controlling for variables, and repeating experiments. When I talk about the values of…

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  • Rhetorical Strategies Of Carl Sagan

    Shermer explains that there is an amateur archeologist who studied how the pyramids were built. He couldn’t explain how they were made because he had no evidence. He believed they were constructed by space aliens. Sagan believes there’s a dragon in his garage, but can’t explain if it’s actually there because he has no real evidence to show that there’s an actual dragon in his garage. He then experiments his theory, according to Sagan the dragon is invisible. In his experiment he spreads flour…

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  • The Importance Of Psychology As A Science

    controlled methods, observable data, physical evidence, and the subsequent analysis are the work of science, called research. Research is the essence of the scientific field, and it is the formula for approaching building blocks, which expand out understanding of occurrences in the natural world. This approach to expanding human understanding, as it is based on understanding through experimental investigation of phenomena, requires a strict adherence to the principles of controlled observation…

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  • Reflective Essay On Active Listening

    listener?” Before entering Counseling Theory and Process, I was exceedingly confident in my ability to be an active listener, hence my interest in becoming a counselor, little did I know, there was an abundant amount of information to be learned. Furthermore, there was so much more knowledge to consume about other people, the counseling process, and the development of my own professional identity in general. Active listening is a powerful technique that I believe is highly underestimated.…

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  • Exterminate All The Brutes Analysis

    His main idea is that the only thing humans have done is exterminate the brutes, or the inferior races. He then goes on to explain that humankind would then try to condone their actions with scientific theories and argumentation. Lindqvist is mainly discussing one problem, which is why people believe that they are more distinguished and why they think this gives them the right to exterminate others who are variant or of a lesser social class. This question still seems to be prominent in today’s…

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  • Relationship Between Service And Innovation

    Editor Comments: The paper effectively highlights a research gap on the interesting topic of service innovation. In addition, the paper makes a theoretical contribution concerning economic theory of globalization (Huttons and Giddens, 2001). On a constructive note, the unit of analysis needs to be clarified and the mix of top journal articles in the literature review needs improvement. A flaw in the paper is the lack of a conceptual model which would depict relationships between constructs and…

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  • Maslow's Theory: The Three Stages Of Our Development Of Personality

    On the contrary this theory allows us to be part of the change not focusing on any negativity nut positively rewarding us for working on progress much like the theories of Maslow’s, Bandura, Kelly and Allport to name a few. Most correlations are found with Maslow’s theory, “He focused on psychological health rather than illness, growth rather than stagnation, virtues and potentials rather than weaknesses and limitations. He had a strong sense of confidence in our ability to shape our lives and…

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