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  • Kant's Metaphysics

    the discipline of metaphysics is not able to answer the rebuttal of nihilism, but through the lens of Heidegger, the field undertakes a metamorphose into a phoenix by going back to its core. Metaphysics is arguably a failure of a philosophy because it is never answers the question of how does it(existence) stand with being. However, that is not the only goal of metaphysics just pure speculation and observation of it will continue to advance the field. Consequently, metaphysics must be brought back to the beginning, to show the fruits of metaphysics and its success, through Desein, the historical implications of how Desein impacts Western thought, the bridge Heidegger forms with Aristotle through Desein. These observations…

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  • Metaphysics Hypothesis

    Now from here Chalmers claim is that the metaphysics hypothesis is equivalent to the matrix hypothesis, based on the movie and essays written about the theory of the matrix. In other words they imply each other the metaphysics hypothesis just states that from the mind and body, computational and creation theory hypotheses it should follow that our cognitive brain system that receive input and send output signals to a computer system outside of our simulation or universe. From the work produced…

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  • Metaphysics In The Matrix

    Metaphysics is a diverse area in the field of philosophy distinguished by two types of autopsy. One of the autopsies is to give the overview of the analysis into the nature of genuineness, arguing the facts about the values demonstrating to anything that appears to be genuine. The second autopsy pursues to reveal what is eventually genuine, regularly giving solutions in severe difference to the daily knowledge of the universe. From the movie “The Matrix,” the storyline behind its filming lies…

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  • Definition Of Metaphysics

    materials. However, when we think with a metaphysical point of view, we begin to think of other things of what makes a thing a thing, or in this example, what makes a pencil a pencil. When the subject of metaphysics is involved, we think of several compositions of a thing, including a thing’s esse, its cause, the principles of their nature and of being. Having asserted the metaphysical approach of how to explain the makeup of a thing and what makes it be it, I will introduce…

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  • Nietzsche And Kant: Metaphysics

    Nietzsche and Kant: Metaphysics In order to discuss Nietzsche’s critique of metaphysics against Kant’s critique of metaphysical knowledge, we need to have a clear definition of what metaphysics actually is. Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that investigates questions concerning the ultimate reality (Masters). Basically, what is real? For example, is materialism true, or are there some sort of spirits associated with the material world? What is the nature of time and space? These are…

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  • Aristotle's Metaphysics Summary

    Nguyen 1 Randy Nguyen Ancient Philosophy Rev. Joseph W. Koterski, S.J 12/6/17 Metaphysics, What is Metaphysics? In a world where the study of philosophy combines with the principles of things, which includes abstract concepts such as substance, knowing, cause, identity, space, and time. All of these concepts are very important since they are used to determine the real nature of things, and identify the meaning, and how structured thing exist in the world. Aristotle develops what he…

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  • Metaphysics And Epistemology Essay

    Metaphysics and Epistemology The history of philosophy begins with the Pre-Socratic period. The period is named because it was the period before the philosopher Socrates was born. The philosophers that lived during the Pre-Socratic period came up with the idea of metaphysics. Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that studies the nature of reality. Socrates was born in 471 BC and brought an end to the Pre-Socratic period and brought the beginning to many new branches of philosophy such as…

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  • Leibniz's Discourse On Metaphysics

    Leibniz’s writings, Discourse on Metaphysics , he upheld the view that final causes are everywhere and to not notice them, but believe in God is ridiculous. Since as we know, Leibniz believed that God created the best possible world for us. Now getting to my point, I would like to effectively defend Leibniz against Descartes because in his writings, Meditations on First Philosophy , Descartes rejects final causes. First, I will explain what the connection between final causes and efficient…

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  • Kant's Metaphysics Of Morality

    provide evidence for the idea of causality. Hume believed that by assuming causality (the idea of cause and effect) to be an absolute, we are taking the notion for granted. Hume challenges us to look at cause and effect based on experience, asking us to question what and how we can truly know about causation. What Hume focuses on in this question are the concepts (particularly in physics) that we cannot directly sense: force, energy, power, etc. He can be quoted on this directly in the passage,…

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  • Plato's Metaphysics Research Paper

    Metaphysics is the fundamental study of what is real. Basically, it is the study of all being. It’s purpose is to determine the meaning, purpose, and structure of the reality of things. It investigates how things actually are, versus how things occur. We as human believe that what we see to be real but, what metaphysics determines is what is not so obvious. We believe our senses to be real. For example, imagine yourself running late to class in Weyerhaeuser because the wind storm caused a mass…

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