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  • Case Study Dinosaurs

    million years ago a meteorite roughly 10 km across hit the earth’s surface, and the impact would be a catalyst to the extinction of 75% of the species living on earth at the time, including the dinosaurs. The impact of the meteorite would have instantly killed any organisms within proximity. But a majority of destruction happened after the impact. The impact blew enough dust, and debris into the atmosphere…

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  • K-T Extinction Essay

    In India, there are records of ancient volcanic activity that occurred at the time of the K-T boundary. Aside from the iridium layer of rock that gives evidence to an impact, there is also a 110-mile crater found in the Yucatan peninsula that also dates back to the time of the dinosaurs’ extinction point, and at that crater; there are no non-avian dinosaurs that were found at the impact layer, so that also gives evidence that something was causing the dinosaurs to die before the meteorite…

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  • Racemic Mixture

    surrogate including their difference in solubility, placement of acidic hydrogens, and acid-base catalyzation. Ignoring the faults of this experiment, another question one should ask themselves is how the original excess materialized. A controversial theory as to why this could be being that the amino acids could have come from space. One piece of convincing evidence that favors this theory is the Murchison meteorite, which hit earth in 1969 in Victoria, Australia because it contained materials…

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  • Research Paper On Solar System

    into one ice piece, change directions, and hurl into the Solar System. When comets come in the Solar System, they can’t take the harsh environment and burn like a crisp. Meteors Another type of rock is a meteor. A meteor is made up of the trail of comets when they come near the Earth’s atmosphere. If you have ever wished on a shooting star that you should never have to eat vegetables again, you have seen a meteorite. Meteorites are made up of many meteors smashed together. A Meteorite travel…

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  • Jovian Planet Research Paper

    A meteor is a flash of light caused when a space particle burns up in our atmosphere. A meteorite is what we call when a rock from space actually lands on Earth. Primitive meteorites are essentially unchanged since the birth of the solar system. Processed meteorites are fragments of larger asteroids that underwent differentiation. 8. The Kuiper Belt is a ring of comets that orbit the Sun beyond the orbit of Neptune. The Oort cloud is located in the the outer solar system and the comets orbit…

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  • Changlong Shi Essay

    In this interview, I was surprised that Changlong Shi explains his viewpoints in a specific way which I never thought of. Changlong Shi believes that with the exception of irresistible outside forces, the desire of the human being is the only factor to make the world a dystopia, and the level of a dystopia can be defined through ranking its harmfulness. Changlong Shi argues that irresistible outside forces will probably cause a dystopia, but we do not need to worry about that because the…

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  • Tutankhamun's Tombs

    any iron. It was made out of “iron from the sky” which scientific research tracked the iron from a meteorite. Materials such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, and red carnelian were found in Afghanistan, Sinai Peninsula, and the eastern desert respectively. That said, King Tutankhamun had very good relations with his other kingdoms and empires at this time. When Tutankhamun was in power, he usually stayed was in Memphis, and due to its geographical location, communication with other kingdoms and…

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  • Explore Space Research Paper

    underwater because eventually we will have to evacuate Earth, space will cost less than underwater, and space helps us learn new things. My first reason why we should explore space is, eventually we will have to evacuate Earth. One example is, the sun will swallow Earth in 3-5 billion years. This shows that basically Earth will not be here in about 7 billion years. Another example is, too much global warming is deadly to the Earth and eventually Earth will get about 10 degrees fahrenheit hotter…

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  • Summary Of Cherry Lewis 'The Dating Game'

    That was a vast enhance on any numbers beforehand published. The response of the scientific community was stunned incredulity. Geologists ‘had been given vast age scales to fill with sediments of which there was no evidence’ (p. One funny episode Lewis describes complex ‘dating’ two reel from high England second-hand the helium rule (pp. The ‘dates’ Holmes obtained were 182 million years for the igneous threshold, and 26 million for ever for the dyke. He study the proceed ‘to be in excellent…

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  • Gilgamesh And Enkidu Analysis

    sent by the Gods, so he had a relatable mate, that of equivalent power and strength. This exemplifies that Enkidu is a reflection of Gilgamesh. Creating a figure so exact and parallel is what the gods did. As well, Enkidu considers Gilgamesh more than a friend. “Becoming aware of himself, he sought a friend”. (Kovacs.I.194) Enkidu was in search for a mate once he became aware of himself, coming to realization that he was human. So, there relations are a split image of themselves and of mankind. …

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