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  • Reality And Non-Physical Reality

    support the view that what the Huichols experience in their head is real. I shall argue by first analyzing what it means for something to be real, then differ between the two types of realities I believe exist: the physical reality and the non-physical reality. Lastly, I shall analyze individual non-physical realities, and how they affect how people live realities as a community. David Bohm, a theoretical physicist stated once: “Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is based on our perception and the latter determine our beliefs” (qtd. in Parrish 42). As human being we never perceive the world as others perceive it. Each one of us have our own…

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  • Reality Of Reality

    What is reality? Reality is a state of normality for us as humans. It is everything we experience with our senses and everything that would still be around if we were no longer on the planet. As Albert Einstein once said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”. Reality television is a sub-genre, which, first used in the 1990s, helped describe a particular style of television that was based on crime, health stories and accident. It is “about the viewing experience of a…

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  • Virtualization Of Reality

    In another attempt to question the viewer’s depiction of reality and fantasy, Laurie Simmons created her photographic installation called Two Boys. She took the ideas of the immaterial, specifically focusing on the virtual, and created a version of reality that shows that life only exists inside this digital space, and all that is left of a person outside of the space is a hollow shell. About her piece, William J. Simmons, an art theory PhD candidate states,“ [it] presents not only a vision of…

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  • Example Of Subjective Reality

    Today, even some aspects of our subjective reality (individual perspectives) can be scientifically measured. Modern medical technology can examine a person 's level of stress by measuring particular hormone levels like testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, adrenaline, and thyroid. One person 's stress response to an objectively real event might be completely different than another 's. For example, we might want to compare the stress response of a person who has fought in war with the response of…

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  • Solipsism Vs Reality

    life, my thoughts and beliefs about the world have changed drastically as I’ve encountered strange scenarios within the world. Of all my beliefs, the one that may be the strangest is one that is similar to what solipsists believe, but I feel it is more in line with relativity. The core of solipsism is that only the self and mind can be to be true while the outside world does not exist. While my belief may seem to be very similar to this, it differs in numerous important aspects. My belief…

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  • Descartes's Reality: Is It Virtual?

    Reality: Is it virtual? I am writing about reality and the philosophical nature therein of what is, what isn 't, and what could be. Rationalism According to Descartes we know certain truths innately and we have some kind of ability to grasp these truths intellectually. John Tierney 's "Our lives controlled by some guy on a couch" is both an interesting and troubling notion as it questions free will and reality at the most basic levels. What is reality? According to Descartes we know that…

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  • Passing Of Reality

    Is Reality Affected By the Passing of Time? Technology has come a long way in the past decade. It has helped humanity evolve faster than ever. However, not everything about technology is great. Technology has affected the way that humans perceive reality now. It gives people the wrong idea of how the real world works by creating a world that people can easily adjust to. In this essay, I argue that the virtual world lowers your expectations of the real world, that using technology connects and…

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  • Research Paper On Dreams And Reality

    Dreams Are Our Reality Are our dreams a reality, or is our reality a dream ? We take for granted how our mind puts everything together. Certain dreams are a message to what could happen in reality. What we envision in our dreams is something everyone needs to treasure, so the world’s population has to know about the beauty of our mind’s dreams! Dreams are an extension to physical reality because they are powerful, have deep meanings that relates to real life, and cause certain events such as…

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  • Atonement Truth And Reality Analysis

    Truth and Reality are influenced by a person 's perceptions of the world. This is clear in Atonement as Robbie is accused of a heinous crime and both he and Cecilia suffer because Briony naïvely presumes she understands the complexities of adult relationships, and in an effort to protect her sister, she accuses Robbie of rape. A character is only able to perceive as much as he or she understands about the world, as his or her worldview is clouded by weakness and flaws. An example of truth…

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  • Reality In Plato's The Allegory Of The Cave

    Our understanding of what is reality and what is altered, lead us to believe that the world we see is far from the truth. “The Allegory of The Cave”, written by Plato is based upon the reality the prisoners believe they live in, which in truth, is far from the actual world itself. The shadows portrayed to the prisoners by the puppeteers, reconstruct their minds making them distort their sense on what is ethical. This correlates to society today, based on how people see what they want to see,…

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