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  • The Metamorphosis In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    He began to channel his blood energies into him, and watched intently as he considered Eridral’s fate. Mersoth entered Eridral’s mind observing his thoughts, his eyes shifting from the dark, mute who felt betrayed to the terrifying berserker who would not relent. In that instant, Mersoth injected Eridral with his final gift to him. Overflowing with energy, Eridral suddenly sent a shockwave of power towards Hayliel pushing her back a full pace. It was done; Mersoth had full control of his new found Zealot. Eridral threw himself at Hayliel, his attacks too fast for Mersoth’s eyes to follow and as the sun rose to greet the new day, Hayliel’s blood began to drip onto the floor. It wasn’t until an especially powerful blow that brought Hayliel down to one knee that her eyes began to shift around in desperation, as if frantically searching for an escape from her moment of reckoning. Her gaze shifting every which way eventually falling onto her husband,…

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  • Vikings Influence On American Culture

    Their goal was to intimidate and take prisoners and loot. Attacks would happen very swiftly to prevent loot and important people from being hidden. They would often capture monks while they were raiding and hold them as slaves or until the ransom was paid. To intimidate the enemy, they vikings had grooves carved into their teeth. The most intimidating soldiers were the berserkers. The berserkers were fearless in battle, and they were so amped up and aggressive that scientists think they may have…

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  • Running Amok Culture Bound Syndrome

    symptom occurs. Kudva (2011) shows this by describing depression and lack of social interest, brought on by a stressor. In addition to depression, other theories have transpired as to the cause of Amok. Kudva (2011) theorizes that opium could be a cause to Amok due to it being an ingredient in many of the traditional Malay medicines. With the above symptoms, and potential drugs used specifically in Malaysian culture, it is easier to diagnose and recognize Amok. With the above evidence, a…

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  • Scandinavian Lore: Legends, Myths, And Fairy Tales

    Folklore is very important in all cultures and is needed in every community. In the culture I personally live in today folklore and oral tradition occurs every day. Through all three elements of the folklore there are stories told through the elements to our culture. Stories are obviously always told from my childhood, and they helped mold the culture I live in today. The two legends I chose to research were “The Viking Berserkers True Warriors”and “The Changelings”. “The Changelings” Fire…

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  • Vikings Stay Away Essay

    the Vikings the soldiers were feared throughout all of Europe,and the Middle East. The reason they were so feared from that far away distance was because they had one thing most civilization didn’t have, mobility. The reason they had such mobility was because of their determination and the Vikings body armor was a leather jacket with chain mail and another jacket to keep them warm, and they received a superb battle axe for decapitating heads and a shield for breaking noses. If the soldiers…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Year That Changed My Life

    The year I was six years old was a year that changed me forever. What happened to me in that year most adults do not have to face until they are much older. This was a year which started with much promise and end with great heartache for our family of eight; to which I was the second youngest. On October 23, 1976 is a day I will never forget. That was a day for years I would react to and sometimes forget why I was reacting to it until I realized it was October 23. That day was a school day and…

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  • A Clockwork Orange English Analysis

    rejection of all religious and moral principals. Creating a society of Nihilists. In Jerusalem, Butterworth presents the theme of society from completely opposing characters. “The Flintock Fair has been appropriated by the ruling powers” . The new estate want to build a better society by vanquishing Johnny Byron and his ‘drug kingdom’, even if it means directly impeding his rights. Butterworth presents his audience with characters who in some way seem to drift towards madness on May Day. We are…

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  • The Role Of Heroes In The Epic Of Beowulf

    knowing full well that fate had destined his demise. In contrast the heroes of Tolkien’s world would come in many sizes, shapes, ‘and sexes within The Lord of the Rings. In The Hobbit, Bilbo gets involved in the adventure as an expression of his courage and his desire not to be considered a little man by, the dwarves. Frodo and Sam are courageous unto the edge of death in their attempt to destroy the Ring. Boromir fights to his death in the midst of twenty Ores. After some deliberation, the Ents…

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  • Examples Of Satire In Monty Python And The Holy Grail

    forcing two people to marry, just for the benefit of others; a man was only allowed to love his wife, while the wife was allowed not to love her husband, and could fall in love with other men. This is being targeted because in Western society, couples have the ability to choose who they want to love and marry, and aren't forced to marry someone else. One technique the filmmakers uses in this scene is unmasking, when the crowd begins to advance on Sir Lancelot and the king, and Lancelot begins…

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  • Vinl Record Materials: Shellac

    “To Elvis: Love Still Burning” on an initial run of 6,000 copies, which were made for sale through a bi-weekly newsletter, “The Record Digest”. After the initial release of 6,000 copies word got around quickly and the next pressing Pickwick Records did to fill back orders was for 20,000 units. The success of this release showed the record industry that without a doubt there was a market for picture discs. With picture discs continuing to be trendy they have evolved to include shaped picture…

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