Berlin Blockade

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  • The Berlin Blockade

    A blockade was a Soviet attempt to limit the influence of the West within their territories. The Berlin blockade was the first official main clash of the Cold War but it was not the first issue that the Communist State had with the West. Berlin was a dispute that steadily deteriorated relations between the two sides. Spring of 1946 Winston Churchill gave the Iron Curtain speech noting Soviets hostility toward the United States specifically the Marshall Plan implied as the United States mingling in European affairs. The industrial infrastructure was in ruins across the European continent following World War II. The United States assisted the European economic recovery. There was a need for a financial plan. On April 3, 1948; President Harry Truman signed the Economic Recovery Act. Documented as the European Recovery Program (ERP), the plan was intended to rebuild the economies of Western Europe. Originally known as the Marshall Plan after George C. Marshall had proposed the plan in 1947 shared his idea in a public speech at Harvard. Truman had appointed Marshall as Secretary of State in January 1947. Marshall was convinced that in order to restore political stability the national economies needed to be assisted. The program included sixteen nations, Germany among them. The Economic Cooperation Administration of the United States…

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  • Causes Of The Berlin Blockade

    Is it true that the Cold War began after the Berlin blockade crisis of 1948? The Cold War was described by George Orwell as “a peace that is no peace”. The lack of actual armed conflict combined with the undulating political and military tensions make identifying the start of the cold war problematic. The Berlin blockade crisis of 1948 played a large role in the onset of the Cold War, and yet several earlier episodes suggest that the tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union had…

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  • Berlin Blockade And Airlift Essay

    Cold War was to sought out international affairs, for decades detailed crisis occurred like the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Hungary etc… The Cold War was not a war to be exact. The Cold War was the relationship between two different countries which was American and the Soviet Union, the two nations never fought each one another but what they did fight was for what they visioned to see was right. The containment was accomplished with different methods and results for each side. Which lead to…

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  • Reasons Why The Berlin Blockade And Airlift

    Berlin Blockade and Airlift June 24, 1948 - May 12,1949 When The Berlin Blockade and airlift started in June 24, 1948 and ended in May 12, 1949. It happened inside Soviet Union controlled eastern.The Russians wanted Germany all to themselves so they created a blockade. Why The reason why the Berlin airlift happened was because Harry S. Truman didn’t want to have a world war and if we did have a another war it would have been World war III and things would have been a lot worse ( The…

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  • Why Did Stalin Develop The Marshal Plan

    In 1945 directly following the end of WWII, Nazi territory was separated into zones. Each Allie country (US, France and Great Britain) were given a zone during the Potsdam Conference. During this conference the Soviet Union’s assigned zone encompassed all of Germany, along with other European countries. This concerned the Allies as it was apparent the priority of the USSR was to spread communism and their idealistic views. Therefore the Allies divided the city of Berlin into East and West…

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  • Marion Buechner Interview

    “I still remember the day they took him. I watched as the Gestapo dragged him away. Nobody did anything. They all stood there, paralyzed by fear, hoping they were not next.” For my project, I decided to interview my grandmother, Marion Heidi Buechner Fratzscher. Marion was born on June 21st, 1938, the second daughter of Hedwig “Heidi” and Paul Buechner, in Berlin, Germany. Her father worked at the Dresdner Bank building in downtown Zehlendorf. The four-story tall building reflected the Nazi’s…

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  • Battle At Plum Point Bend Analysis

    write as if they have won the battle but in fact the confederates won. Battle at Plum Point Bend really exemplifies that the Civil war’s naval encounters are usually evenly matched. In the green water domain, the Union Navy was enacting a strict blockade of southern ports in an attempt to starve out the confederates and cripple the confederate economy. This green water blockade was largely effective in destroying confederate trade until the confederates began to use the “Blockade Runners”, The…

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  • The Cold War In Germany

    During this time, 275,000 planes transported 1.5 million tons of supplies and a plane landed every three minutes at Berlin 's Templehof airport (BBC). The Russians saw that their allies were not going to give up. Russia called off the blockade. At this point is where East and West Germany became the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the German Democratic Republic (GDR). They each then gained rights of their own portions of the city of Berlin. The Soviets were not happy about having to give…

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  • Application Essay: My Trip To The Topography Of Terror

    This summer, my family and I traveled to Berlin, Germany to learn about my Jewish great grandparents’ experience during the Holocaust. After visiting the Topography of Terror, I have become interested in understanding how the Nazis could turn a democracy into a dictatorship. This trip made me question not only government’s actions of the past, but also my government’s actions today. It has made me look at the U.S. 2016 election differently. Most of all, my trip made me want to learn more about…

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  • The Berlin Airlift

    There had been no previous treaties giving the Allies free access to West Berlin through Russian territory, so Russia exploited this situation and therefore began the Berlin Blockade. The Blockade began in mid 1948 as Russian forces surrounded West Berlin sealing off railroads and highways to the Western sector, Russia rationalized their blockade by saying that they were doing extensive roadwork. This effectively cut the Allies off from their resources and essentially starved the allies in an…

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