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  • The Causes Of East Germany: The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

    Berliners were celebrating the fall of the Berlin wall. This was after a period of three decades where the West was kept apart from the East Berliners. The communists’ rulers/leaders in the East Germany authorized the gates along the wall to be opened. Huge amount of individuals had converged at the walls crossing point before the permission was granted. People from the East Germany shouted and cheered while surging towards the wall as those from West met them with jubilations. On this particular day he crowed was so ecstatic and began climbing the wall while other hacked chunked the 45 kilometer barrier. The order to erect the barrier in 1961 was from Walter Ulbritcht who was the former…

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  • Causes And Effects Of The Berlin Wall

    World War II, the Allied power has divided Germany into four separate zones, and it was controlled by France, the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union. In 1949, all countries except the Soviet Union combined their zones, to create the West Germany. The Soviet Union, soon after, created the East Germany. The Allies did the same with Berlin, and created the East and the West Berlin. And on the night of August 13, in 1961, was made the border between the East and the West Berlin. The Berlin…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Berlin Wall

    Throughout the 1960s, the country of Germany was in a political crisis. The Eastern communists of Germany, who were owned by the Soviet Union, were unhappy to realize that many people were escaping the reality of communism to live in Western Germany. Upset and angry, East Germany decided to build a wall in order to split up the country in the center of Berlin. The Berlin Wall was a symbol of detachment of the government politically and physically. However, during the years of the “Iron…

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  • The Role Of The Berlin Wall And The Cold War

    be one of the fiercest forms of competition. Following World War II was the Cold War which was a mild form of war between two former allied countries, the United States and the Soviet Union, over territory. After World War II, Germany split into two separate divisions; East Germany which fell under the authority of the Soviet Union and West Germany which was ruled predominantly by the United States. Many forms of conflicts aroused from this division between the two very diverse administrating…

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  • The Causes Of The Berlin Wall And The Cold War

    After World War II, Germany was divided into four parts: the West was controlled by the US, Great Britain and France, and the East was under the control of the USSR. These four countries were allies during World War II and fought against the fascist countries of Japan, Germany and Italy. When the war ended and Germany was divided into four parts, the USSR and the US started the political, economical and military “race” known as the Cold War from 1945 to 1989. The division of Europe from the…

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  • Berlin Wall Failures

    The fall of the Berlin Wall marked both the crumbling of communism and a new era for all citizens of Berlin. For a timespan of twenty-eight years the Berlin Wall stood as a cage, built not to keep people out, but to keep East Berliners in. With the Berlin Wall’s eradication, Germany would be reunited once more. The communist regime stood no longer, commencing a shaky start on the road to freedom. This was just another example of how communism would always fail. The end of World War II resulted…

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  • Berlin Blockade Essay

    the Soviet Union’s assigned zone encompassed all of Germany, along with other European countries. This concerned the Allies as it was apparent the priority of the USSR was to spread communism and their idealistic views. Therefore the Allies divided the city of Berlin into East and West sectors, so that the Allies could control half the city to insure it did not fall to communism. The USSR isolated West Berlin, the Soviet half of the city, from the rest of the world. For the course of…

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  • JFK And Reagan's Speech: The Berlin Wall And The Cold War

    After World War II, Germany split through Berlin, making an East and West Berlin. The economic standpoint in East Germany was not sustainable, so that made those citizens want to move over to the West side. Being under Soviet control, the migration of these people started to collapse the East. By August 1961, the Soviets stopping the flow of people by building the Berlin Wall, a infamous symbolic landmark of the Cold War. Two US Presidents, those being JFK and Reagan, commented and wrote…

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  • The Berlin Blockade And The Cold War

    Tamara Eidelman and Sam Roberts state that the Truman doctrine was designed to ‘contain’ the USSR, which had already taken control of East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and the other nations of Central and Eastern Europe. This concept was introduced by the President of the United States to the Congress calling upon the body to provide aid to Turkey and Greece so that they wouldn’t fall under the communist influence of the Soviet Union (Eidelman 22, Roberts 1). This…

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  • Berlin Wall Solution

    This wall surrounded West Berlin and was built because West Berlin was a way for thousands of East Germans to run to the democratic West. People were able to buy supplies from the east using money made in the west because it was cheaper. This caused an economical problem within the city. The wall was built to prevent these problems however it had split the country showing how the Soviet Union was unwilling to unify the country of German and it’s people. In the year 1989 things had changed and…

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