Reasons Why The Berlin Blockade And Airlift

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Berlin Blockade and Airlift
June 24, 1948 - May 12,1949
The Berlin Blockade and airlift started in June 24, 1948 and ended in May 12, 1949. It happened inside Soviet Union controlled eastern.The Russians wanted Germany all to themselves so they created a blockade.

The reason why the Berlin airlift happened was because Harry S. Truman didn’t want to have a world war and if we did have a another war it would have been World war III and things would have been a lot worse ( The Berlin Airlift This all happened after World War II, the Russians wanted Germany all to themselves. So on April 1, 1948 they closed all the highways, railroads and the canals.

They began the blockade in the beginning of the of the West Berlin and they wanted to starve the West Berlin’s. Men, Women and Children were held hostage in West Berlin and they were also threatened. They thought that it was impossible to get food because everything was shut down, so know one could get anywhere.
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As a result from the blockade Berlin had became a symbol of the allie’s willingness to oppose further soviet expansion in Europe.( Berlin Airlift The reason why the Berlin blockade and airlift started was because the cold war was starting and Stalin was taking over Eastern Europe.(The Berlin Airlift When the Berlin Airlift was over as a result from the blockade was people not having clothing or food. It amped up Cold War tensions and made the USSR look to the rest of the world like a cruel and capricious enemy. The united states has won the first major struggle of the Cold war (Michael Burgan pg 78). In Berlin they created a wall with barbed wire fence that would go across the top, this made life harder for family and friends that lived on the other side of the wall because then they couldn't really see there family.( Michael Burgan

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