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  • Bernard Ebber

    Written Assignment Unit 2 Question 1. To what extent were the actions of Bernard Ebbers indicative of leadership, and to what extent did Ebbers display destructive behavior? Provide examples of leadership and deviant behavior from the case. Answer: Ebbers portrayed leadership skills in the following ways: According to Kidwell (2005), “In the year 1985 Ebbers gained control of the LDDS Company using the interests he acquired in the motel chain, even after he was named the chief executive officer, he went a step ahead to try and find ways to cut off costs of operations. He also saw himself as a marketing expert and then proceeded to hire experts who would help him make LDDS profitable like accounting experts (P.). In addition, other leadership…

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  • Worldcom Scandal Summary

    accounting regularities. On June 25, 2002, they announced that it had overstated earnings in 2001 by more than $3.8 billion (Lyke & Jickling, 2002). The next day, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) “charged the company with massive accounting fraud and quickly obtained court order barring the company from destroying financial records, limiting its payments to past and current executives, and requiring an independent monitor” (Lyke & Jickling, 2002). The lack effective management and…

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  • Worldcom Case Study Answers

    to. One of these trap is relying on one individual to lead and decide the future of the company. The leader of the company, Ebber was conceited, refrained from the truth, and short tempered. He made it visible throughout the company that he did not like negative and only accepted numbers that represent profit. With a similar image to Mao Zedong during the Great Leap Forward, the company was put through an economic crisis with debt as severe as 3.8 billion. The CEO was also resistant to change at…

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  • Earnings Management: Fraud Vs. Good Business Practice

    managers partaking in EM for their own self-interest. Over the last quarter of a century we have seen a surging number of stock-based and option-based executive compensation (Bergstresser & Philappon, 2004). When this is the case, corporations discretionary accruals can help manipulate the earnings, and in affect, alter the value of their compensation. This approach is purely opportunistic, in theory, for the recipients of said compensation, but possibly lacks the long term vision for the…

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  • Bernard Ebbers Fraud Case Study

    For my person to be researching, I am covering Bernard Ebbers. Ebbers committed fraud, and he tried to merge his company with Sprint. This action was brought to the attention of the Department of Justice. Who immediately dashed this possibility. Ebbers company had an investigation with the SEC. Which led to the bankruptcy and to his eviction. Bernard owed $400 million in margin calls. And he convinced the board to lend him that money, so that he wouldn’t have to give up important blocks of the…

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  • Bernard Ebbers Case Study Essay

    Case Study: Sad Leadership Story of Bernard Ebbers Question 1) If I am to look objectively at Bernard Ebbers’ and his business prowess, it must first be noted that most of business ventures will fail, and do fail, and that Bernard Ebbers’ was not exempt from that fact and he did fail. Also, it should be noted that if Bernard Ebbers had succeeded, that because of his generous nature towards the people that he employed and friends that he inspired, many others would have benefited from that…

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  • Bernard Ebbers Indicative Of Leadership Case Study

    Discussion Questions 1. To what extent were the actions of Bernard Ebbers indicative of leadership, and to what extent did Ebbers display destructive deviant behavior? Provide examples of leadership and deviant behavior from the case. Bernie “Ebbers lead WorldCom through over 60 acquisitions over a period of 15 years.”, which averages one new acquisition per quarter. ( In our reference text, Bernie was described by one WorldCom employee as being “ a rock star.” …

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  • Bernard Ebber Case Study Answers

    that his employees retained loyalty. His quick success in the business despite having a different background made him seem like a dream to his employs. Bernard hired engineers and experts in areas which he lacked in to help guide the company. This showed that he was not afraid to learn and take help from employees. However, Bernard’s preference to only some of the Executives in his company as he gave loans on personal basis to purchase stocks indicated that he did not operate ethically and paved…

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  • Bernard Ebbers: A Charismatic And Responsible Business Leader

    According to the Case 3 analysis, Bernard Ebbers was viewed as a charismatic and responsible business leader and most people revere him. His influential figure and role in amalgamating and merging prominent telecommunications company including MCI was instrumental in maintaining a credible trust and accountability amongst key stakeholders. On the outskirts of WorldCom, his leadership style was visionary and was always leaning towards a positive course for the company and the community at large.…

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  • How Does Bernard Ebbers Influence Unethical Behavior

    1. Bernard Ebbers showed a lot of leadership because he had a lot of followers. His reputation and charisma created trust and loyalty. Bernard’s deviant behaviors came from him being obsessed with maintaining an unsustainable growth (The Role of Leaders in Influencing Unethical Behavior in the Workplace 2005). This lead to him and his subordinates doing unethical business practices. He showed leadership by cutting operating costs and investing most of his money back into the company stock. His…

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