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  • Importance Of CFO In Fashion

    Like I mentioned earlier, a fashion brand needs a CFO, they are responsible for managing daily financial needs of the company. CFO’s duties include, but are not limited to, cash inflows and outflows. They oversee all financial operations, as well as making sure that sales margins are managed properly in order to pay back supply-chain and retail lenders. The job of a CFO in fashion varies a little to those in basic companies because they need to calculate the constant inflow and outflow of cash due to day-to-day demanding necessities in the fashion world. One of the appealing parts of being a CFO is that there tends to only be one or two people above you on the business food chain. Hence, the controllership duties that CFO’s have such as responsibility of reporting and presenting accurate and timely historical financial information, because every member of the company relies on this accuracy in order for decisions to be made. Secondly, we have the obvious treasury duties of a CFO to decide how to invest the company’s money, factor risks, assess liquidity. Similarly, one of their most important roles is to address issues surrounding capital structure. CFO’s are a necessity for companies because of…

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  • Worldcom Scandal Summary

    If there is no trust in the system and financial statements, it will simply be unable to operate. Immanuel Kant helps us understand this through the universalizability principle that states, “Act so you can will the maxim of your action to be a universal law.” In other words, consider the actions you choose and how the corporate world would be affected if everyone chose similar actions. Auditors are known as the watchdogs of accounting. Their primary responsibility is to guard the best interest…

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  • Sunbeam's Financial Fraud Case

    vision to increase the value of Sunbeam because the profits were declining for several years. He have a reputation of giving high profits for companies With the help of a partner of Arthur Anderson, Albert committed a huge accounting fraud as the CEO of Sunbeam. Because Arthur Anderson was auditing the Sunbeam Corporation. With him joining sunbeam its stock increased by 50% in a day. He soon fired most of Sunbeam executives, and bring his own team who would go along with his mindset. Dunlap…

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  • Why I Want To Become A Financial Analyst

    aspiring to become a Financial Analyst. For the past few years this has become my dream. I have developed a liking with working in the financial and business field. My overall goal is to have my MBA (Master of Business Administration) as well as a degree in language. I have looked into over dozens of colleges and I have found quite a few that I think could be a good fit for me. My top college is NYU. They have a great Business and Finance program and I love the atmosphere that New York has.To…

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  • Costco Risk Assessment

    Assessment of Security Risks at Costco Wholesale This portfolio project report contains the relevant organizational information of Costco Wholesale Corporation, which is a wholesale giant in the United States. The primary intention of this report is to highlight the basic organizational location and financial information, along with the computing and network infrastructure details to help layout the detailed structure of an Information Technology (IT) risk assessment report. As part of the risk…

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  • Hospital History Summary

    established in 1847 and strove to elevate the levels of standardization in the medical community helping to modernize their usage. In 1965 Medicare and Medicaid was developed to make access for people who may not have had financial access to life saving primary medical…

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  • Groupon Case Study Summary

    Members o Eric Lefkofsky • Lefkofsky is the Co-founder and the Executive Chairman of Groupon o Peter Barris • Barris “has led investments in over 20 information technology companies that have completed public offerings or successful mergers”(11-4) o Mellody Hobson • Hobson works for a money management firm. o Brad Keywell • Keywell was an original Groupon board member. o Ted Leonsis • Leonsis has “more than a decade of experience in global Internet services and media at AOL”(11-5). o Andrew…

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  • Ruth Scrushy Scandal

    patients in over 35 states, including Puerto Rice. The beginning stages of this national news accounting fraud began in 1996, where the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Richard Scrushy, and several of the company’s Chief Financial Officer’s stole more than 2.7 billion which surfaced in 2002 after the company’s CEO/Chairman sold over $100 million dollars in stock just days before reporting a large loss to its shareholders. The year 1996, was the year that started the fraud, when the company…

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  • Oklahoma Baptist University Student Salary Analysis

    I have chosen Oklahoma Baptist University as my university and chief financial officer as my career. A chief financial officer, commonly seen as CFO, is responsible for monitoring and working to improve the financial status of a business. They are also responsible for record-keeping, financial reporting to higher management, and financial planning. A CFO typically reports to a board of directors and the chief executive officer, commonly seen as COO. Usually with most corporations, a CFO will…

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  • Permissibly Accept By Jeffrey Moriarty: Article Analysis

    overseas and to what their workers get paid. The boards of directors could be at blame for the most part because they can be considered fragile and or having concern for themselves before others. This article analyzes the matter from a new outlook, concentrating on the responsibilities of the executives with regards to their own compensation. Seeing if what they do is worth accepting excessive compensation and where it leaves the organization. The Chief Executive Officer is accountable for the…

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