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  • Crossfire The Politics Of Gun

    According to the video “Crossfire : The politics of gun rights and gun control - the fifth estate” by Cbs News, it was 9:41 am on December 14, 2012 when Newton, Connecticut police received the 911 call from Sandy Hook Elementary School. However, by this time it was already too late for the children and staff inside Sandy Hook Elementary School. For a shooter armed with a Military style assault weapon, Adam Lanza a 20 year old with a disturbed mind had enter the school. This assault weapon he carried was a Bushmaster AR 15 a civilized market military style weapon capable of firing a bullet every second. Also found in Adam Lanza car were two Large Caliber guns, along with several large capacity ammunition magazines all in which legally belonged…

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  • Gun Control: Everlasting Topic In Everyday American Politics

    Gun Control Gun control has been an everlasting topic in the everyday American politics. With two arguments that cause great debate and discussion among the whole United States. With this controversial topic comes many discussions that we as people have and discuss a lot, humans think about the pros and cons of every situation. However, in this topic especially can have great effect on The United States, like in Chicago a Tribune analysis showed shootings citywide were also up from last year 73…

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  • Gun Crime Research Paper

    Kingdom and the United States of America. Gun crime is defined as a crime or offence that is committed with the use of a firearm but there is no set definition as to why they are committed. Firearm legislation are a set of laws and guidelines that surround the topic of gun crime that are put into place by the government to try to control gun crime. From Prohibition to shootings, gun crime has only worsened and has become a reoccurring issue around the world. I chose to focus on the United…

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  • Anti Gun Control Essay

    Gun control is a hot political topic that has become pervasive throughout society and leaves virtually no one untouched. There are a lot of factors and actors that come into play when considering the effects guns have in present society. To understand gun control one must understand the history of laws that have been passed up until now and the politicians lobbying for them. One must understand the politicians themselves and what interests they hold. One also must understand guns to a certain…

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  • The Need For Gun Control In The United States

    world the United States is viewed as a country of gun lovers. Our love of guns was largely rooted at the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Within the passing 239 years since that day, personal gun ownership had steadily increased and along the way thousands of lives have either been saved or taken due to that very fact. “Every year in the U.S. there are nearly 30,000 gun deaths” (Pollitt, 1). The average U.S. citizen is able to buy a handgun when they reach 21 years of…

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  • Gun Violence In Chicago Essay

    through the use of gun violence. These homicides happen most commonly in the southern neighborhoods of the city, notably areas such as Englewood, Austin, and Humboldt Park just to name a few. It just so happens that the city of Chicago is the city in which it is most difficult to acquire a firearm of any sort with the proper licensing. It is so difficult that we are ranked 1st when it comes to gun control in the United States of America. We are also ranked 1st when it comes to homicides in the…

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  • Essay On Gun Rights

    Gun Rights Lately there has been a common discussion between Americans about gun rights and what is better for the country, guns or no guns. Obviously, there is not a clear answer to this question, but there are many reasons why guns are good and a great asset to this country. Guns are not only a part of our heritage but they offer us a protection and a state of security. It is fine to have more control over guns and implement stricter more gun laws, but it is not ok to take our guns from law…

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  • Beyond The Bullet

    2015 reads: “Another Chicago Family Gunned Down.” These sobering headlines seem to be appearing more frequently, and when gun violence hits close to home it can leave a more jarring impact. Whether it be examples of the toxic race relations in lower-income neighborhoods, increased incidences of school shootings, excessive use of police force, or terroristic threats – violence has pervaded the American culture. It has effectively created a pseudo-paranoid society. Violence has evolved over the…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Laws In California

    California is known to have one of the strictest gun laws in America. Many people flock to other states such as: Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, and Texas. The laws in these states are not nearly as grueling as the ones in California. Although Washington D.C is not a state it has the most restriction on gun control in the nation. As an american citizen you can not exercise your second amendment in Washington D.C. without being a policeman or high detail security such as, the Secret Service.…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Guns On Campus

    Guns on Campus: Why Fighting Fire with Fire Won’t Work. Tragedies involving mass shootings are on the rise. People turn on their TVs, look at their smartphones, or open newspapers and are bombarded with horrors like Orlando and Dallas. Perhaps the worst are the statistics reported on school shootings, which show vulnerable children’s lives, both the very young and young adults attending college, are at stake. Instinctively, the public wishes to take actions which will prevent such heinous…

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