Essay On Gun Rights

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Gun Rights Lately there has been a common discussion between Americans about gun rights and what is better for the country, guns or no guns. Obviously, there is not a clear answer to this question, but there are many reasons why guns are good and a great asset to this country. Guns are not only a part of our heritage but they offer us a protection and a state of security. It is fine to have more control over guns and implement stricter more gun laws, but it is not ok to take our guns from law abiding Americans. Many people have ideas that banning guns would stop more crime but it may not, it could cause criminals to go to extremes in order to commit their crimes. Because of recent mass shootings, the duel between gun rights and gun control has been extremely rampant in today’s news and politics. It is important for the average American to consider why gun rights are important and think about how they will defend themselves against an attacker without a firearm and also the positive impacts guns serve for this country. Gun rights are extremely important, especially for a country with one of the highest crime rates in the world. Some people believe that without guns, this country would be a lot safer. Although it may stop a small percentage of criminals, it could drive criminals to find more extreme measures to …show more content…
According to the article Gun Free Zones: weighing the pros and cons it is a fact that ninety-five percent of mass shootings have been in “Gun Free” zones. The reasoning behind this for the shooters is obvious, there is less conflict for them. If we allow guns into public places such as movie theatres, it could help reduce the amount of shootings because the shooter will encounter more conflict and reason to stop. If a shooter encounters an individual that is properly trained and proficient with a firearm the shooter may think twice about going through with his horrific

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