Argumentative Essay: Gun Control Is Not The Solution

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Gun Control is Not the Solution Increased Gun Control in the United States is absurd, useless, and unnecessary. In order to increase safety all throughout the United States time and effort must not be spent towards limiting gun owners of their rights. The tragic rash of school, religious, and workplace shootings has turned up the heat on the public conversation about guns. In nearly all of these cases gun laws would not have stopped the shooters from obtaining a firearm. This proves how increased gun control will not be the answer to end violent shootings. If someone was to break into your home, chances are that calling 911 will not save you. Self-defense techniques do not provide adequate protection against an armed attacker, so the only …show more content…
Had citizens been able to defend themselves, many lives would have been saved. Yet another valid example is the country of Mexico, having very tight gun laws it still has a staggering number of 160,000 dead from gun violence since the year of 2007. If these restrictions do not function in other countries, how are they expected to work in the U.S.? As of 2014, 2.5 million crimes were stopped by firearms. This is then compared to the 8,124 murders that took place the very same year. If you look at the facts, firearms are over 300 times more likely to stop crime, than to cause a crime. If guns were to be taken away from these citizens, murder rates would rise, and the chance to stop crime would drop immensely. In 2015, a tragic terrorist attack occurred in San Bernardino, California. Despite this states intense gun control, an attack was still carried out. This shows that no matter the restrictions, laws, or actions set in place, criminals or terrorists will still be a re-occurring issue. However, these attacks can be limited or even stopped altogether if gun restrictions were not in

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