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  • Hollywood Western Film Analysis

    “The American is a new man, who acts upon new principles. He must therefore entertain new ideas and form new opinions” (Crevecoeur, 1782). A few generations later, one romanticized version America’s new man, with new principles, new ideas, and opinions is the man depicted in the Hollywood Western. That man, or person, is the settler, cowboy, or lonesome traveler who traverses the Western frontier in search of his place in and the promise of America. As America expands its frontier to the West during the nineteenth-century, the depiction of what it means to be a heroic settler formed in the American psyche. When films came to the silver screen the genre of Hollywood Westerns created protagonists who exemplified qualities often associated with what it means to be an American. Cole Hardin, of William Wyler’s The Westerner, and Will Lockhart, of Anthony Mann’s The Man From Laramie, are two characters in particular that personify the heroic qualities of what it means to be American in the late nineteenth-century and embody traits that Americans for generations to come admire and aspire to duplicate. That said, the question remains why did the character being a loner from nowhere create such mass appeal that it became a key element and suitable plot device to carry the stories for films in the genre of Hollywood Westerns? While that answer is a complex one that this paper can only brush the service of, and certainly has more than one answer, but part of the reason will be…

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  • Gunfighter Nation Film Analysis

    The concept of myth influences many cowboy narratives. Especially Hollywood movies are full of mythical elements of the American West. Although myths will play a minor role in the analysis of the cowboy biographies, it is necessary to mention some theories of myth and to elaborate on its definition. Historian Richard Slotkin gives an excellent characterization of myth in his book Gunfighter Nation, which will be used for further elaboration. Myths are stories drawn from a society’s history that…

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  • Bud's Best Buddy Analysis

    Bud's best buddy. Like the gunfighters of the 1800's, Jerry Clark is traveling west. Like the knights of old, Jerry Clark is going to slay an iron Dragon!!! The imagination of a six-year-old can be very vivid. Fantasy is not a luxury Jerry "bugs" Clark can afford. He has been an orphan all of his brief life. And to make it much much worse he's an orphan during the great depression. He has been hopping trains all over the country just trying to find a happy home. Finally he found someone he…

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  • The Thematic Paradigm Analysis

    X-Men Days of Future Past: Wolverine as Outlaw Hero. In Robert B. Ray’s Essay, “The Thematic Paradigm” he states that there are two types of heroes in American films; the official hero and the outlaw hero. Ray has contrasting characteristics of the official hero and the outlaw hero. For example, he states that an outlaw hero usually is found as the adventurer, explorer, gunfighter, wanderer, and loner (Ray 451). The outlaw stands for the part of the American imagination that values…

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  • Gold Rush Women

    The in western society the grown was mostly focus on men role and not how the women have help in making of the west. Doing the gold rush women have made their money by cleaning homes and cooked and clean the cloth of the miners. Women woke up to care the farm and the animals. On the the trail women's role was to work around the camp and the food. The women did not have not rights and help themselves get there right. Treated as 2nd class citizens and did not have the right to own land. Later on…

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  • The Grapes Of Wrath And The Dust Bowl Essay

    The 20th century was a time for the United States of America to remember. It was the time, where the United States America have moved beyond gunfighters, mining and homesteading but an industrialized nation and a world superpower. It was the time of Industrialized and civilized nation where there was no more child labor and Prohibition era which was the banned of alcohol. However, the twentieth century also was a time that caused the United States of America in a shaky situation with the effects…

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  • Western Film The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

    you can see the stereotypes and generalizations that are being made by the portrayals of language and people. Spaghetti Westerns are movies where the villains are powerful. Evil capitalists held the power over their workers and had bandits to do their dirty work for them. The hero was solely motivated by greed and usually was punished by it. That is why the film The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is a great example because it shows selfish heroes, acting as a type of anti-hero. A scene that…

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  • Unforgiven: Revised Western Film

    In the early days, Will explains how he and his partner Ned had a violent path of destruction and murder as gunfighters. He later says that he has killed “everything that walks or crawls at one time or another” including women and children. When he drank he became more violent, and when violence ensnared him, he had no mercy for really anything. When Will's best friend and partner dies, Will seeks revenge on the sheriff of Big Whisky, Bill Daggett. Bill Daggett is the violent sheriff of Big…

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  • Social Concern In The Blue Sword By Robin Mckinley

    clear author’s social concern, anti-government sentiments. In Harry Potter, there are two kind of class, the wizard and the non-magic people. J.K. Rowling described wizards as the ruler since they are magical and powerful. The Lord Voldemort tried to control the non-magic people and took down anyone who try to be on his way. Lord Voldemort was presenting as a dictator government. The wizard separated to two side, a control and a resistance. Authors’ social concern create the similar in hero…

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  • Sequoia Forest Short Story

    protected from the Raider attacks. Bring tents for Militia to sleep in. bring as much supplies, resources, weapons and ammunition as you can. Make sure you are not followed. Location: Sequoia Forest, Nautilus cavern. -General Calvíld ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After two days rows of tents file along the walls of the cavern with a gate and walls at the entrance. The town was reinforced with metal plating to protect the…

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