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  • The Beatles Impact Essay

    This frenzy overtook the media as the latest pop culture craze. Many of the young Beatles fans soon learned about the teachings of this type of meditation and what it had to offer. The Fab Four were quick to be pinned by the media as “The Beatles’ Guru.” While other stars looked into psychedelics and LSD to “open the doors to higher powers,” Harrison turned to meditation, spiritual literature and looked up to Ravi Shankar for guidance. Goldberg has estimated that during the 70s, the Beatles managed to introduce Transcendental Meditation to more than 2 million…

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  • Reflection Of The Kumare Documentary

    Kumare Documentary I found the Kumare documentary very entertaining and enlightening to watch. The clear message that everything each of us needs can be found inside of us was demonstrated in the ways that many of Kumare 's followers were able to improve and change their lives in spite of the fact that Kumare was not truly a guru or spiritual leader at the beginning. I also felt that Kumare learned as much from the process as his students did. While Vikram went into the process not believing…

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  • Hinduism: A Brief Summary And Analysis

    It is a festival put in place to give thanks, honour and praise to one’s teacher, guru, or mentor. These mentors show someone the way into the “light of knowledge” (Pattni, B. N., Joshi D., 2013). The term guru is split into two parts: “gu” meaning darkness and “ru” meaning the remedy or “antidote” to darkness (Pattni, B. N., Joshi D., 2013). This festival is not only to give thanks and reverence to a spiritual guru, but as well to a school teacher, etc. In several cities of India, Guru Poornima…

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  • Project Management Guru

    According to Project Management Guru (2012), three benefits of formally monitoring and controlling project risk include: It allows the team members to understand the current state of the project, including validating and controlling the scope of the project. It allows the team members to understand the budget and schedule of the project, including controlling the cost sand quality of the project. It allows the team members to consider changes (perform integrated change) that could improve the…

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  • Trash Guru Swot Analysis

    The Trash Guru is convenient in the sense that the purchaser no longer has to take the trash to the curb themselves. Customers can place the trash on the dock and program the device to take the trash to the cub at any day/time. This product does not release any harmful toxins into the air because it is battery power operated. The Trash Guru is very beneficial to the buyer because of its multiple uses. Homeowners can use it for the purpose of taking out the trash, as can business. But The Trash…

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  • Sikhism In South Asia

    Moreover, the Sikh movement developed inside South Asia; whereas, Islam came from outside South Asia. The first Muslims came to South Asia as merchants and with time as a political power. On the other hand, Sufi mystic combined elements of Hinduism with other elements of Islam developed in Iran and central Asia. Whereas, Sikhism rejects Hindus traditions such as food taboos, and Brahamanism. Sikhs do not believe in the power of Brahamanists. Sikhism is not supposed to be about us, it is supposed…

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  • Sikhism Ethical Issues

    This deficit of women has resulted in a bride trafficking practice where women from villages are bought and sometimes kidnapped to be sold as brides to men. In regions like Punjab, the sex ratio is so skewed towards men that wives are often shared between brothers or cousins. In 1994, the Indian government implemented Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques Act, which only allows pre-conception tests to identify a deformity in the fetus. Although this law still continues to be broken, women’s rights…

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  • How Did Guru Nanak Made His Own Religion?

    upbringing, education and exposure to the world they may choose to follow their own path. There should be no restriction on people about what religion to follow. This is exactly what Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism believed in and preached. Even though he was born in a Hindu family and lived in a village with both Hindu and Muslim population he started a new religion. There are several questions that come to mind: what were the reasons Guru Nanak made his own religion? Why did he have a…

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  • The Mother Cat Character Analysis

    the corruption and falsification. Thus the Mother Cat ends up her function to fondle its subject, love it, and always protect it from falling. Another important recurrent theme of Rao’s novels is the yearning for a guru. In The Cat and Shakespeare Ramakrishna Pai is highly impressed by the astounding knowledge of Govindan Nair, gradually Pai drifts towards an acceptance of Nair as his guru. Although there is no explicit reference in the narration that Govindan Nair is formally a guru for Pai.…

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  • Adversity In Astrologer's Day

    While the adversity in “An Astrologer’s Day” is met with in very subtle way as seen in his encounters with Guru Nayak, Chinua Achebe’s “Civil Peace” confronts adversity quite openly throughout the story as the reader is drawn into the unfortunate circumstances of the Nigerian civil war and its effects on the Nigerians. In “Astrologer’s Day” the Astrologer meets adversity in a very casual way, as seen when he meets with Guru he acts calm in the face of a threat to his very own life (Narayan 68).…

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