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  • Saladin: Righteousness Of Religion

    Imad ad-Din (1125-1201), in his account of Saladin’s entry into Frankish territory in June 1187, bestows many platitudes on Saladin and praises his him as fighting the Franks, “…with the thanks of Islām and the support of God Almighty. ” Saladin’s Muslim army attacked when the Franks were struggling to maintain an effect and united front. King Baldwin V died at age nine, leaving Raymond of Tripoli as regent until a new king was appointed. But a dispute between Sibylla, Baldwin’s mother, and King Amalric’s daughter, Isabella, divided the kingdom in two, with Sibylla and Guy of Lusignan in Jerusalem, and Raymond and supporters at the city of Nabulus. The division led to a substantial number of Templar Knights being killed by Muslims after Guy, who had a treaty with Saladin, was bound by oath to allow a Muslim force of seven thousand to march through his territory unmolested. The loss of the Templars reunited Guy and Roger, however, by this time Saladin had assembled the largest force he ever commanded. The rout of the Franks was accomplished by three events, Saladin’s rise to power and unification of a vast territory, he call for Muslims to perform their duty and join Saladin in his efforts to expel the infidels from the holy land, and the split within the Frankish ranks. Saladin’s victory at Hattin came in battle out in the open with the Franks forgoing their usual defensive tactic of staying behind the stone walls of their castles. A degree of hubris on the part of the…

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  • Third Crusade Causes

    In this paper I will tell of the Third Crusade,the battles,the armies,the leaders and finally the outcome of this battle for the Holy Land.The Third Crusade occurred in the year of 1189 and lasted for a difficult three years.(Wiki) The Third crusade was caused by the capture of Jerusalem in 1187 by Saladin who was muslim.(A&E)The spreading of word that the Holy City had be captured by muslims spread like wildfire, soon the people would shout and scream for war,they wanted another crusade and…

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  • The Third Crusades

    The Third Crusade was recognized as one of the most belligerent, unsettled disputes in the books of history. This religious movement transpired in the Middle East, when the Muslims reclaimed the Holy Land, compelling the Christians to fight back. Not many good things happened in this movement, since many people had died from fighting each other. King Richard I was known as the chief leader of the Christians, while Saladin was perceived as the sultan of the Muslim people. These men were known as…

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  • Examples Of How To Break Up Essay

    someone is by getting the other person to break up with someone so that person does not look like the bad guy in the whole situation. There are many ways to end the relationship by getting someone else to do the breaking up. A few of the classic ways to get them to do the breaking up is by acting as repulsive as a person can possibly be and by being just plain gross. A few ways that are possible that are more creative are: by committing crimes, blowing up things, eating all the persons food,…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Last First Day Of School

    I chose a seat near the safety shower. After the minute-warning bell rang, I heard someone’s heels hitting the tiled floor in the hallway. It has to be the teacher. She finally reached the door. She is not alone. This has to be a new student. He does not look familiar. Wow, he is really attractive. I’m sure all the girls will be talking about him during lunch. Anyways, seniors began to fill the seats around me. It seems like I know everyone else, but that one guy. Right from the start, I judged…

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  • Bros Before Hos Michael Kimmel Analysis

    out of school and are proven to be more emotionally disturb then girls. Guys will tend to get into fights twice as often. Lastly, they are six times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD. During the essay the author tries to diagnose why this is. By the end there becomes several ideas of why this might be. Behind the idea that men are prone to more health issues, the author believes there are three words that might be the cause of the statistics that are listed about “the guy code.” The guy…

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  • What Makes A Man Research Paper

    Men are not born. Men are made. Many guys are under the impression that because they are physically grown, they are men. However, this isn’t the case because physical growth doesn’t make you a man. What makes a male a man is how well he is able to maintain his dignity through good and bad times. A man stays true to himself at all times. He does not break, bend, or relinquish his values at anytime. No matter how difficult his circumstances become, he remains grounded in principles. Life does…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Being Clear

    5-20 before parole. You just need to be the woman he wants to commit to. Get this right and you are in it for life. I didn’t say that to piss you off, but you’re the one thinking things are good between you and your partner so why is he dragging out a proposal. I’d bet you’re pretty sure you’re marriage material, right? You may already be, yet most guys will tell ya that if it 's all good like you think and he’s not on his knees yet, then there is something your man is thinking about; or more…

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  • Lee: A True Hero

    There sitting atop a carriage, Vin was surveying the border, the out vigilant gunslinger. The fastest gun shooter around and baddest of them all. Know to the group of seven for at first being indecisive, he wore a salmon pink shirt, a blue necktie like scarf, and a faded wide brim cowboy hat. His face was exposed: tan and aged by the sun and the things he’s done. Ever since he saw Chris sticking up for the dead’s’ rights, he knew that he needed to help fight the bad guys in Ixcatlan. After…

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  • Hollywood House Fire Investigation

    There was only one male at the home, potentially the white adult male that was found lying facedown on the bed. But question is, where was the other male that was supposedly living there? Who is the other male? Was he renting a room in the house? Were these two guys close friends? Was there any intimacy between these two? I am starting to wonder can it be possible that the other male may have murdered his friend and set the home on fire to burn the evidence. Maybe there was a conflict between…

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