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  • Sadie And Maud, By Gwendolyn Brooks

    always played a huge role in understanding why do humans behave and accomplish goals some that are very adventurous and against a human’s comfort zone. Literature reflects on human 's nature and pulls at their instinct to be adventurous and go against their comfort zone of a normal life to do something extraordinary. Two examples of pieces of literature that show off people that accept the call to adventure while other folks do not ,is the New York Times Article, “A Private Dance? Four Million Web Fans Say No” written by Charles Mcgrath. As well the poem “Sadie and Maud” written by Gwendolyn Brooks. Concluding, with my own adventure story about me exiting my comfort zone which…

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  • Analysis Of We Real Cool By Gwendolyn Brooks

    In the poem “We Real Cool” written by the first African-American to win a Pulitzer for Poetry, Gwendolyn Brooks discusses how she came across a group of young men at a pool hall, and what she thought they were feeling. Gwendolyn Brooks does a great job of discussing the issues, which African Americans faced during the time of the poem’s publication in the 1950’s in Chicago. Brooks does so in a clear and concise way that engages the readers by using alliteration, rhyme, and monosyllabic words. So…

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  • Gwendolyn Brooks We Real Cool

    Gwendolyn Brooks, a female black author. She had written many poems, but to everyone there is one that sticks out the most.“We Real Cool.” She wishes that wasn 't the only poem that she is well-known for but that will do for her. Her poem is very short yet it is good enough to set an image and makes someone think about what era this was at and how it can trigger something. It is based on of the young adults and what they do as an everyday life instead of what they should be doing to better…

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  • Gwendolyn Brooks We Real Cool Analysis

    Poetic Explication: “We Real Cool” We Real Cool, is a rather short poem written by Gwendolyn Brooks in 1960, right in the middle of the Civil Rights Movement. Near the beginning of the poem it sounds like everything is quite alright with everyone, with “We real cool,” but by the end of the poem, everything is not ok, and the poem ends with “We / die soon,” which means that death will soon occur, if change does not happen (Brooks 3, 9-10). Through the use several literary techniques, Brooks…

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  • Racism Exposed In Gwendolyn Brooks We Real Cool

    In todays’ society, a big part of arguments and conflicts have revolved around racism. Unless a person has gone to a high school or a University where the issue of racial privileges have been an issue, generally people tend to have their first encounter with the issue online. Misinterpretations of this discussion can often interfere with a persons view on this topic. Gwendolyn Brooks is a great American poet that portrays the lives of many Southern Chicago African Americans. I chose one of her…

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  • Much Madness Is Divinest Sense Poetry Analysis

    Dickinson, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Thomas Hardy were some of the main poets who shared their views on women’s oppression. In Dickinson’s” Much Madness is Divinest Sense” the people who go against the social normality are shunned or disapproved…

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  • A Song In The Front Yard Poem Analysis

    back the smells, and give the quiet pages sound. Such is true in the poems “The Lanyard” by Billy Collins and “A Song in the Front Yard” by Gwendolyn Brooks. These poets allow the reader to feel and see the thoughts of the speakers through their descriptive verses. The speakers of these works are of different ages, one an adult and one a child. The common bond between the two are childhood. The speakers of the…

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  • Speech To The Young Poem Analysis

    The two poems I will be comparing and contrasting are Gwendolyn Brooks’ “Speech to the young, speech to the progress toward,” and Paul Laurence Dunbar’s “We Wear the Mask.” I find that the poems are similar, in that they deal with human nature and tendencies. But they contrast in how they choose overcome the problems at hand. I will explore each poem’s views on human behavior and how the humans deal with emotions, according to the author. The focus. In Gwendolyn Brooks poem, the title “Speech…

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  • We Cool And Richard Cory, By Edwin Arlington Robinson

    use symbolism to represent the cycle of human life. In the first poem “We Cool” written by Gwendolyn Brooks the stage of childhood and teenage years are examined. The poem is about young, reckless teenage boys who always keep trying to live life to the fullest. They have no cares about the world and the consequences of their actions, the only thing they care about is to have fun. The second poem “Richard Cory” written by Edwin Arlington Robinson is about a man which is in society’s eyes a…

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  • Gwendolyn Brooks Abortion

    Is it right for a woman to have an abortion? In America, we live in a society that any woman has the choice to abort or keep her child. Although some woman make the choice to have an abortion for what every circumstances they are in, aborting a child does not mean that woman is happy with her decisions or feels no guilt. In the poem “the mother” by Gwendolyn brooks tell a story of just that , all though she aborted her children this doesn’t mean she is not a mother or not to have loved her…

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