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  • The Theme Of Trust In Romeo And Juliet

    We hold many values in our lives today, but by far friendship remains the most significant. A good friendship includes honesty, loyalty, sincerity and most importantly trusting each other. Trusting each other in a friendship remains crucial because it shows reliability and confidence between two people. This helps friends become closer and feel more safe. In the play Romeo and Juliet and the book Digital Fortress, the significant relationship of friendship exists through trust. Within the tragic play Romeo and Juliet, the characters Romeo and Juliet have a relationship through trust. In the play Juliet says, “Shall I speak ill of him that is my husband?Ah, poor my lord, what tongue shall smooth thy name. hen I, thy three-hours wife, have mangled it? But wherefore, villain, didst thou kill my cousin? That villain cousin would have killed my husband.” (Shakespeare 3.2.106-111)This quote from Romeo and Juliet shows trust…

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  • Short Story: Sheena Becker And Jonathan Samson's Proposal Of Marriage

    It forgives all so they will always be there for you. These painful grief’s can be buried so deep within us so that we can move on. ” “If they weren’t?” “I don’t know,” she said. “I don’t know what I would do if I was completely alone.” “It must have been hard for you being alone with a child.” “Yes, being a single mother was hard it wasn’t easy to break the news either to our daughter.” “How did you explain something like this to your daughter?” “It wasn’t easy, but being only honest to her…

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  • How Does Environmental Change Affect The Whole World

    do not have the resources that they need to at least adapt if not make it better. We live in a selfish-minded world which means the people who have the greatest ability to help, do not. People of more developed countries, whether they are rich or poor, are the biggest contributors to the problem yet we do nothing about it. Everyone who is able should be helping these people who because the global economy, are not able to help themselves. God is the creator. He created us each with different…

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  • My True Sense Of Identity

    I think everyone has their own delusions that they enjoy being a part of, well, at least for a while. How long though can we live out these delusions, until life catches up to show us we must come to terms with our inner demons? I’ve always told others and myself that honesty is the most valuable asset anyone can have, but then I live out my lie. There have been countless times I’ve put up this front of might, just to know deep down inside, it 's all a play to hide something from the rest of the…

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  • The Malchance Brothers: A Short Story

    The Malchance Brothers “Get up. It 's time for school!” yelled Mrs.Malchance. One of the two 13-year-old short and frail brothers named Nathan prepared to get out of bed, until he realized that he was already out of bed on the floor face down. He had rolled over off their bed in his sleep. The other brother Lucas had slept weirdly and had a large amount of aching pain in his back due to it. “Hey Nathan how did you sleep,” Lucas asked. “Not very well, I fell off my bed during the night” Nathan…

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  • Gwendolyn Brooks We Real Cool

    Gwendolyn Brooks, a female black author. She had written many poems, but to everyone there is one that sticks out the most.“We Real Cool.” She wishes that wasn 't the only poem that she is well-known for but that will do for her. Her poem is very short yet it is good enough to set an image and makes someone think about what era this was at and how it can trigger something. It is based on of the young adults and what they do as an everyday life instead of what they should be doing to better…

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  • Female Participant Analysis

    So, we think about that 15 years ago we didn’t have iPhones and how that has dramatically hanged things and that my daughter who is three years old is just a wiz on technology. But, then goggle glass or oculus rift or all of these software’s where we can be connected in different ways, I think is going to completely change the way. Like, self-driving cars and I am fascinated by that and how that is going to – Male Participant 1: We are not going to have a garage in the future either. Female…

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  • First Date: A Narrative Fiction

    Kelsey and Angela walked in silence towards the parking lot. Kelsey could tell that she was nervous, and didn’t want to push her to talk. Upon seeing Derek and Ben in the parking lot, she reached over and squeezed Angela’s hand. “You’ll do great.” She whispered before leading her over to where the two boys were waiting. “Hello gorgeous.” Ben called to her, jogging over to the two of them and pulling Kelsey in for a kiss. “We could have walked up to grab you.” “Oh no that’s okay,” Kelsey…

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  • Sherman Alexie's Story

    her adopted parents plantation from a party of Texans who were traveling though, so no one knew her full origins. When Armand found out she was pregnant things went swimmingly. When the baby was 3 months old though, he changed. The baby was black, which in the time period was frowned upon. Armond became cold, barely looking at her or the baby. He blamed the color of their child's skin on Désirée and her origins. When her mother wrote her saying to come home he made her leave with the child.…

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  • Stella's Funeral: A Short Story

    We agree, this is not the manner in which one should conduct oneself. What she is putting everyone through is wrong. Marrying a stranger is a ridiculous and dangerous thought. It could bring a long list of problems.” Consuelo’s heart bled when she implored “But think of Mauricio. He brought himself a ring and a tuxedo. He is prepared to stand at the altar Saturday. Instead he will have to be dropped off at the nut house.” Sol felt her angst, “We have thought about him. But, in the end she will…

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