Short Story: Sheena Becker And Jonathan Samson's Proposal Of Marriage

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Sheena Becker and Jonathan Samson’s proposal of marriage had spread like wildfire. It has risen more than a few eyebrows. As the big day was extremely close everyone was very excited about it. Close friends, family members and the people from the district, would not of course miss this moment. The next four weeks passed insanely fast for everyone. It was the biggest strain for both the families. There was so much to do, they were frantically throwing themselves in the preparation for the wedding; sending out invitations to all the invited of three hundred guests. Everything was falling into place.
“Good morning Charlotte,” Steven said as he walks quickly down the staircase adjusting his shirt cuffs while Charlotte dusts off the end of a wall
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It forgives all so they will always be there for you. These painful grief’s can be buried so deep within us so that we can move on. ”
“If they weren’t?”
“I don’t know,” she said. “I don’t know what I would do if I was completely alone.”
“It must have been hard for you being alone with a child.”
“Yes, being a single mother was hard it wasn’t easy to break the news either to our daughter.” “How did you explain something like this to your daughter?”
“It wasn’t easy, but being only honest to her is what I felt best. I couldn’t mislead her. I tried to answer her questions in terms she could understand.”
“Oh! I wouldn’t know what I would say to my child if anything like that was to happen.”
“There is no correct way to explain. Each child and each circumstance is different.” she explains.
“I guess you’re right.” “Well, you do have a beautiful family, Drusilla.” Jonathan smiled.
“I know. Sometimes it’s easy to feel lonely, depressed or bad because we all go through tough times in life, but remember that no matter how bad our situation may seem, there are thousands of things to be grateful for in life, and one of them is the

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