Hormonal contraception

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  • Unplanned Pregnancy Pros And Cons

    for her. There are different forms of birth control including different types such as: hormonal, barrier, intrauterine devices, sterilization, behavioral, emergency and dual protection methods ("Birth Control Options | 20 Ways to Prevent Pregnancy"). Some women who fail to either fail to use birth control or become pregnant on birth control consider abortion or use abortion as a form of birth control. It is very important for women and their partners to understand that birth control only aids in preventing pregnancy and do not prevent sexually transmitted…

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  • Progestin Based Oral Contraceptives

    2011). It was first used to only prevent pregnancy, however, now it is used to prevent the transmission of infections, minimizing symptoms of menstruation, and more obviously to prevent pregnancy. In 2012, 62% of women at the reproductive age were using some form of contraception (CDC, 2012). This systematic review addresses progestin based contraceptives and combined contraceptives. The progestin based oral contraceptives differs from the combined oral contraceptive by only containing…

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  • Pros Of Contraception

    OH BABY!! A GUIDE TO CONTRACEPTION Methods of Contraception Contraception is used to prevent pregnancy. The best way to prevent unintended pregnancy in sexually active women is through consistent and proper use of contraceptives. No contraceptive method works perfectly and all contraceptive methods besides abstinence have risks. Most contraceptives do not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases [STD’s]. • Sterilization Tubal ligation & Vasectomies are a permanent form of contraception.…

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  • Informative Essay On Birth Control

    methods that were not as effective as they inclined for. Many were a hassle to use, like douching or suppositories, while the condom is needed every time a person has sex and can be a hassle and less satisfying to use. The pill had an immense impact on women and their relationship with contraceptives because it can be taken discretely at any chosen time and place. The pill was the first method that gave women control and the privacy to enact it. However, even after the invention in the 1960s,…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Birth Control

    range from procedures that are generally permanent, such as sterilization, to temporary methods that must be used with each act of intercourse (Birth Control). Barrier method- physical blocks to sperm entering the uterus- include condoms, usable by both men and women, as well as the diaphragm, cervical cap, and a vaginal sponge for women (Birth Control). Oral contraceptives-commonly known as “the pill”-were developed in the 1950s, and were first approved by the FDA in 1960. The pill…

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  • Oral Contraception Controversy

    Oral Contraception is controversial topic that is brought up in today’s society. Women of all ages are finding ways to avoid pregnancy and how to control fertility in the body. Birth control is supposed to suppress the body from ovulation. Every woman should educate themselves before getting on birth control because the contraception can bring harm to the body and it can lead to death. Some birth control can cause serious health problems. Before getting on the medication go and consult with a…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Plan B

    There are a few solutions provided to balance the approach from both sides’ concerns. First, would be to not completely ban the emergency contraceptive pill Plan B One-Step but to remove it from being available over the counter without a prescription and making it a requirement for women of all. Allowing the Plan B pill to be available by prescription only would mean a doctor’s visit would be required so that a pregnancy test could be done to ensure the individual is not in fact already…

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  • Personal Narrative: Traditional Route Of Marriage And Women

    The continuing issue of contraception practices is a huge concern of mine, obviously. I want to spend the rest of my life studying, at least in part, the side effects of birth control in women and trying to minimize the negative ones. I have tried different forms of birth control: the pill and the ring. The pill wasn’t too bad the first time I was on it, but it did mess with my hormones and made me moody. I switched to the ring after being on the pill for a year because I wouldn’t always…

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  • Hormonal Birth Control

    The first hormonal birth control pill, Enovid, was approved by the Federal Drug Administration in 1690. Hormonal contraceptives work by combining estrogen, the female sexual hormone, and progestin, a derivative of progesterone that prevents ovulation, together to inhibit ovulation and create an inhabitable cervical environment for both sperm and embryos. Therefore, oral contraceptives effectively block the fertility cycle by not allowing sperm to meet an egg or implantation of a fertilized…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Contraceptive Plan B Pill

    requesting the age limit to be lowered to the age of fifteen. It took quite an effort to finally make an appeal to the FDA and the request was accepted in 2013 and now has been raising questions in recent political debates and public once again. Advantages of the Pill Nonetheless, whenever looking for an emergency contraception, like the morning-after pill, it is also important to touch on the advantages. After years of battling whether or not if the pill should be sold over-the-counter and…

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