Horse breeding

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  • Horseracing Against Horse

    of a retired racehorse can be painfully sad. A retired racehorse ends up being used for breeding purposes, slaughtered, or auctioned off. As humans we need to ensure security of a safe life for these horses. A racehorse can have a highly successful, average, or short career. Depending on a horse's career, stamina, and bloodline they may be breed for a potentially successful filly or colt. The issue with a horse be used for breeding is that they are over bred and should not be producing foals for the remainder of their lives. When horse breeding becomes…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Selective Breeding

    Introduction The purpose of my research paper was to define and expand on what animal inbreeding and selective breeding is in the Herpetology world. I have provided definitions of both along with the pros and cons as well. Once done, I hope you will have a clear understanding of the uniqueness of each along with the positive and negative aspects of both topics. Both topics are allowed to be very objective, subjective, or opinionated; however, in the end, inbreeding and selective breeding…

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  • Comparing The Working Class In D. H. Lawrence's The Rocking Horse

    It is understandable that people may crave more money. Sometimes they may even need a little extra change to make ends meet. This particular short-story, “The Rocking Horse Winner,” takes place sometime between the end of World War I and the Great Depression. Needless to say, many people were short on the necessary amount of money to live comfortably or even be able to provide for their families. However, in D.H. Lawrence’s “The Rocking Horse Winner,” being able to provide for a family should…

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  • The Horseracing Industry: A Case Study

    involved in this scheme. (The Horseracing Industry, 2015) A various number of these drugs is to mask pain from injured horses or to increase the speed and strength of these animals. (The Horseracing Industry, 2015) Whilst the stress and pressure of the particular trainer that is present for their urge to win, these drugs is actually harming, even killing these animals on and off the racetracks.…

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  • The Stolen Horse: A Short Story

    The Stolen Horse It was a nice sunny day in July. Isabella was practising riding her horse, Festia. Festia was an adorable, clever, charming, and lovely horse. Isabella wanted to win the Festoon Horse Race. Only ten people could join and, finally, one person would win. “Let’s have a break, Festia,” Isabella said. Hap, hap, said Festia. Isabella was a talented horse rider, and she wanted to win the race very much. “Let’s go, Festia! The race is next week, so we have to practise!” shouted…

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  • Personal Narrative: My New Horse

    finally be meeting my new horse that my father had purchased for me. She looked sort of like vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookies, thats what her color reminded me of the first time I placed my eyes on her. I had no choice in choosing her name, as my father had already chosen for me, her name was Canela. I would have remembered this as the happiest day in my life; six years old and getting my new horse, well happiest day for now. My ranch was located in a small village in Mexico called Potrero,…

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  • Rope Horse Pros And Cons

    slowly backs his horse into the metal box. Nerves are pulsing through his body. He looks to the left and sees the steer is ready and looks even farther to the left and makes eye contact with his partner. He gives the look and nods his head. After that, it’s all so fast the steer launches forward and his partner swings the rope, and it is thrown, he prays for the best. Lucky for him the rope lands around the horns and his partner dallys up and turns left. Now it’s all up to him and his horse,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Horse

    high school reminds me in many ways of what my horse has gone through over the past years. She has had a lot of bumps along the road, as have I in my personal life. Many people might have given up a long time ago. My hard work in both my own life and the training of my horse are starting to pay off. Similar to my mare going through training, my high school career has come with highs and lows; however, we both got stronger despite the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Horse

    memory has been of horses. I remember my first encounter with a horse, I instantaneously developed a deep fascination with the animal. I devoted my life to horses. My thoughts were entwined with anything horse related. I used horse terminology as a way to critically think and solve arithmetics in school. Twelve years later my infatuation with the animal proved true when I was asked by the University of Virginia Riding Team to join them as a sophomore in highschool. Horses were my escape from…

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  • Essay On Horses In My Life

    Horses have influenced my life in ways that are immeasurable. Little things in everyday life have changed; I count strides between cracks on the sidewalk, feel the constant urge to sit up straight, and I’ve learned to be okay with spending $300 on two pairs of shoes every 6 weeks. Just not for me. Horses continue to influence my life in a more profound way, teaching me patience, humility, and that perfection is impossible so I should just enjoy the ride. Patience is crucial in the barn,…

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