Oral Contraception Controversy

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Oral Contraception is controversial topic that is brought up in today’s society. Women of all ages are finding ways to avoid pregnancy and how to control fertility in the body. Birth control is supposed to suppress the body from ovulation. Every woman should educate themselves before getting on birth control because the contraception can bring harm to the body and it can lead to death. Some birth control can cause serious health problems. Before getting on the medication go and consult with a doctor to see which one is the best for you.
An incident just happened in England a twenty one year old woman named Fallan Kurek recently died from taking the birth control pill (Brown, 2015). Her doctor told her to get on the contraceptive to help regulate
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Her boyfriend found her on the floor in her apartment struggling to breathe. When she was in the ambulance she had several heart attacks. When she arrived to the E.R the doctor asked her mother is her daughter on the birth control NuvaRing. Because the birth control caused her to have a massive double blood clot in her lung (Karlsson and Brenner, 2014). Ericka mother warns all women don’t get on the NuvaRing because it killed her daughter. Her friend Megan also used the NuvaRing, and she was struggling to breathe. She eventually collapsed and went to the hospital. She had a cat skin and the cat skin showed that she had a large amount of blood clots in her lung. Studies shows that the NuvaRing causes venous thromboembolism and it is a blood clot that blocks the vein (Karlsson and Brenner, 2014). The doctor put her on blood thinning medication and she stayed in the hospital for a whole week. The doctor told Megan that if she wasn’t physically in shape she would be dead and her athletic career is over. When she investigated she found out the NuvaRing is made by Merck the manufacture company and the company had over one thousand law suits (Karlsson and Brenner, 2014). The researcher also found out if a woman have the vaginal ring carries a greater risk of venous thromboembolism than birth control pills (Karlsson and Brenner, …show more content…
The FDA received a thousand reports from different women that had complications with the IUD. Over thousand women complained the IUD attaches itself to the uterus and it leaves a small puncture (Rocca, 2013). The women that are in there early twenties and late thirties will likely have a stroke than a puncture in the uterus. If the IUD attached itself to the uterus and if it is left untreated you will have to get it surgically removed. One incident happen when the IUD left the uterus, it entered the body cavity (Rocca, 2013). That happens when the IUD pushed out of the uterus and into the vagina. That means if the Mirena is not in the uterus that can lead to unwanted pregnancy and health complication (Rocca, 2013). Another researcher discover that the Mirena also causes infections and scars. The Mirena can also cause ovarian cyst. The company that makes the Mirena IUD has settled all of these cases out of court because they did want their other consumers to stop using the product (Mosher,

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