Menstrual cycle

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  • The Menstrual Cycle

    inevitable that the menstrual cycle will be be a part of one’s life. With some women being college students, socializing with others and education play a great amount of time in the college experience. Menstrual cycles can cause symptoms and behaviors that may cause change in women’s everyday life for a short amount of time. “Periods” (an alternative name to menstrual cycles) alter communication with instructors and colleagues and also affect academic performance(Esen,I, 2016). By doing research it will be discovered if women are affected by their menstrual cycles during their college experience and if not, what do they do to maintain consistency to persevere as if they are not on their cycle.…

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  • Essay On Menstrual Cycle

    The purpose of my project is to educate young women about the menstrual cycle and proper hygiene in both developed and third world countries through an interactive presentation because, on average 52% of the female population is reproductive and many are not aware of what is actually going on in their bodies (SSW). I’m proposing this because there are so many women, young and old that do not understand what their body is doing when they get older, nor do they know what to do or how to react…

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  • Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    Your Cycle 101 (due Monday 2/29): an overview of the menstrual cycle - what 's happening when Your Cycle 101 There are four phases to the female menstrual cycle, and they can vary in their length. When counting your cycle, day 1 is the day bleeding starts. The end of the cycle is the day before…

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  • Kottex Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    Women all around the world experience the phenomenon known as their coming into adulthood: their menstrual cycle. While the media is becoming more open and vocal about these unknown and sensitive subjects, tampons and other feminine products are still in the unknown. Until recently, many people would not broadcast or be open about what happened once every month. Then Kotex created a new brand, U by Kotex, with the hopes of drawing in a younger group of girls while still maintaining…

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  • Progestin Based Oral Contraceptives

    The Natural Family Planning (NFP) method utilizes biological signs of the woman’s body to determine times of fertility and infertility within the menstrual cycle. The biological observations may include, “vaginal bleeding, external mucus discharge, and presence of vulvar dryness as the biomarkers to identify the phases of the menstrual cycle” (McVeigh, 2013). Although the NFP method is very intricate and can be complicated, the biomarkers are scientifically accurate at determining which phase of…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Birth Control

    some type of man-made method therefore when it comes to giving birth control to teenagers, for many reasons, I am against it. Introduction There are times when giving birth control to a teenage girl may be recommended by a gynecologist because of having problems with a heavy menstrual cycle, monthly cramps, or acne (Hayes, Ashley 2009). Some birth control are used for menstrual suppression, allowing you to have a period only four times a year, or even prevent your period from occurring for a…

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  • Pcos Case Studies

    oral medication and/or hormonal therapy. An important feature seen in these patients is the development of multiple closed comedones which rapidly transform into tender, lumpy nodules, distributed in the lower half of face and jaw-line. These tend to last beyond the usual course of 5-7 days. A pre-menstrual flare is also common. Acne lesions may not only be found on the face, but may also be seen on the chest, shoulders and back. Acanthosis nigricans Typically, thick dark velvety skin situated…

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  • ACL Injury In Soccer

    larger number of new participants in soccer are females. A variety of intrinsic risk factors will be discussed to show why females are possibly more prone to ACL injuries then males. Since males and females have different hormonal cycle patterns, the hormonal effect is one of these intrinsic factors that makes females more susceptible to ACL injuries. The menstrual cycle is one possible cause of the differences seen in male and female ACL injuries (Adachi, 2007). During the female menstrual…

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  • Dermoid Ovarian Cyst Case Study

    reproductive years, usually women within twenty to forty years of age. Although some cases have shown women as young as fourteen with a dermoid ovarian cyst (Mo et al. 2013). There is no direct cause for dermoid ovarian cysts. Majority of women have a type of nonfunctional cyst like follicular cysts or corpus luteum cysts that develop on one or both ovaries around their menstrual cycle, however they tend to go away on their own without causing any pain. Totipotent germ cells can cause cells to…

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  • Menstruation In Women

    The article starts off by explaining exactly what menstruation is. The authors go into detail about when a girl can expect to have her first menstrual period and what changes the body might go through during this time. After this, there are details about the specifics of periods, things that women themselves may not even know. These details pertain to what happens to different parts of the female reproductive system during menstruation. The first topic is that of the…

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